Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode64 (The Doctor goes to Dashcon)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Dashcon. We also have a semi-regular feature where we discuss a Classic Doctor Who story. This time- The Paul McGann TV movie.



  1. my head canon about number 8 is similar to yours, when he regenerated he absorbed some human cells (which also confused his memories) and after a short time the human DNA grew out.

    McGann has turned into one of my favourite Doctors with his works with Big finish. His Eighth Doctors Adventures were broadcast on Radio at the same time as the Tennant era and I found them a lot more enjoyable. some more devoted 8 fans have suggested a spin-off series but the show should really focus on the current Doctor but a one-off episode for a smaller anniversary would be great.

    I’m also pleasantly surprised to hear you have warmed to him a bit more, maybe his age has made him more 3rd Doc than 5th?
    or maybe like me you were just pleased to see a none-wacky doctor?

  2. Tom Baker was training to be in the clergy, to answer Giovanni’s trivia question. He had some odd story about his time where becoming obsessed with the other trainee’s feet, if I recall.

    • You need to tweet it at omega to win.

  3. One Time at the Store – I remember seeing something like that on Kitchen Nightmares. There was a case full of cakes that I thought were suppose to be fake, but they were real to my surprise. I say that because I couldn’t believe that they send someone a slice of cake that was old!

    Doctor Who TV Movie – I have to disagree with Omega on this one. I thought it was pretty good. The whole half-human on his mother’s side is something that I can try to explain. I was told that Leonard Nimoy was originally casted to be the Doctor in this movie, but I think he turned it down. The writer was probably trying to push his Spock reference into this movie along with the actor that he probably left it in the script. What do I think about the half-human issue? Well, I do see some hints here and there about him being born in classic Who, like Troughton admitting that he had a family in Tomb of the Cybermen, and then you do have Tom Baker admitting in Shada that he was born. New Who does give us one hint in The Power of Three where the Doctor does have a heart attack, because the cubes targets only human hearts. Bottom line, I do see it possible for the Doctor being half-human, even though he denied it in Journey’s End. The other things that I do like was the TARDIS interior. I adore this interior so much that I do say that it is my personal favorite, and I would do anything to prevent the TARDIS from changing into any other design. As for the fan theory of the wooden interior updating into this interior, I’m on board with you to see that being put into the show. And speaking of the interior design, looking at this movie really makes me wonder what the budget for this movie was. Plus, I thought that the spare key on top of the “P” was clever, and me and one of my friends (the one who destroyed The Twin Dilemma) said that when we find the TARDIS, we should try to grab the key and go inside! Grace Hollaway was fine. The only other time that I saw Grace Hollaway was in the Prisoners of Time story arc, where the Doctor wanted her to hang out with him again and being attacked by the moon like people who reminded me of that moon guy from the old McDonald’s commercials. The comic was fine. Eric Roberts, on the other hand, I don’t care what anyone tells me about him. I loved Eric Roberts as the Master. He’s the John Simms Master done right! Yes, the movie does look incredibly 90s, and I loved it! But, yeah. I do have some negatives. Why were there bats inside of the TARDIS? I know that it was suppose to set up the mood and atmosphere to reveal the Eye of Harmony, but it’s logically stupid. I didn’t like the way how Sylvester McCoy died off in this movie. Me and Blockbuster Buster can agree that his death was just cruel and mean spirited. I didn’t care for that other guy who helped both the Doctor and the Master. I thought he was forgettable. Plus, the Daleks voices in this one was horrible! It sounded like Elmo trying to audition for a Dalek. Beyond that, I have a lot of respect for this movie, and I wish to see more of McGann in the future in Doctor Who.

  4. You said to write the show so … Yeah I’m a Glaswegian bastard 🙂 hopefully one day we and the good people of edinburgh can be friends 🙂 :p

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