Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode65 (I Believe in Dungiven Castle)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… BroCon. We also have a semi-regular feature where we discuss a Classic Doctor Who story. This time- Dalek.



  1. You know, now that I have figured out that The Long Game was suppose to be a Tom Baker story, I can kind of see it now. Not only that, but I have a friend who hates Adam more than Rose Tyler, which I still can’t grasp upon, even today. If I tell him what The Long Game is, who knows what will happen wh I say that Adam was suppose to be Adric, because my friend defends and respects Adric.

    Now, what did I think about Dalek? I thought this was pretty good. Not great, but comparring it wiht the other Eccelston stories, this one hold up to be my favorite. Even though I side with you on the 9th Doctor, I do think that this episodehas a lot of good moments in it. However, the negatives are in there, which I will go through. I didn’t like the scene where Rose brought the Dalek back to life, for two reasons:

    1. I don’t think that touching a Dalek and bringing it back to life makes any sense. How does that work?
    2. Rose is the reason for why the Dalek race came back to life. I know that the science makes no sense, but know Rose, everything is her fault!

    One last thing, and I will go through a tangent about this, is the force field the Dalek has. How does that force field work? Every time I see bullets trying to hit it, it disappears. Why doesn’t that work for any other solid object? I always assumed that the Daleks were bullet proof in the classic Who stories! And this force field kind of became pointless later on, since they got rid of that in season 4! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!!!!

    But yeah, this one still has some great moments in it, Daleks are my favorite monsters in the show, and this was a good return for them!

    • Oh def stupid bits in Dalek. All added for new Who too. The forcefield was removed because it overpowered the Daleks and the absorb DNA to recharge was just fucking stupid.

      • Is it as stupid as rewriting timelord DNA into human beings from a bolt of lightning?

    • Lightning DNA travel is still king.

      • Are you going review that purely painful two part episode anytime soon?

  2. I would actually hope Big Finish gets the license to some of the modern Doctors one day. I would actually like to see 9*, 10, 11 be handled by different writers.

    *I know Eccleston doesn’t seem interested in the role but given time and the fact that he would be working with different people, he might change his mind.

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