Backseat Critique- The Purge: Anarchy

Robyns back for the weekend and movies are afoot.


  1. Oh dear goodness, this was fun. The last third or so of the video was one of the most glorious digressions I’ve ever seen in my life. I laughed a lot, and seeing you interact is just fun. Also, I didn’t expect to hear about lifehacks for necrophiles. Also good to know about the < 3 feet, albeit a little disappointing, naturally.
    Regarding the idea of a body cleanup agency… I think there is a video game on Steam that is about that sort of thing. It's called "Viscera Cleanup Detail".

  2. Oh, I would kill and then give the body to a necrophiliac to find out what was said between those cuts. Also that Linkara impression was amazing.

  3. The problem with this purge idea is that it’s basically a 12-hour nationwide riot, and those tend to be more about looting and smashing as much as you can, not organised murder. Also after the 12 hours are over you still have to live in the neighborhood, so your victims family’s will lynch you afterwards (especially in a culture as revenge-obsessed as the US).

    What’s your opinion on leaving your body to cannibals? Cannibalism is not actually illegal in the UK, so this might be practical (and tasty!). Funnily enough, Liam Neeson only did Taken because he thought it was going direct-to-DVD but its popularity, due to it tapping into every xenophobic, vengeful and familial insecurity power fantasy in American culture, has kept him in money ever since.

  4. so when will un-edited backseat critique’s with Robyn be added to the patreon rewards?

    • Most likely when I stop saying silly things that shouldn’t be said… im increasing your curiosity now aren’t I

      • Oh you’re such a tease

  5. KFC isn’t “actual fried chicken”, though. Even Colonel Sanders himself said once he sold KFC and it became a chain, they started making “the worst fried chicken he’s ever had”.

  6. The Purge is an awful concept for all kinds of reasons.

    First, as has been pointed out countless times, it’s utterly unworkable for logistic and social reasons.

    Second, it’s decidedly classist. From moment one you’ve got reports of people trying to kill their bosses and smash the lovely way of life all the well to do respectable people have, not to mention it utterly ignores white collar crime (which costs more than all other kinds of crime combined). Imagine all the illegal purchases and transactions that could be made in those 12 hours. Organised crime would have a field day.

    Third, it never really pays any mind to the notion that the law and morality are two completely separate concepts. The notion this period could be used for assisted suicide, late-term abortions, insurance fraud to gain treatment for dangerous illnesses, releasing people unjustly imprisoned, immigration of refugees… let’s not explore that. Crime is bad and your neighbours want to rape and kill you.

    Basically, this franchise is a Daily Mail reader’s wet dream.

  7. Thirty five dollars for a Diamanda “Laura Palmer” Hagan doll? How much extra for the pins?

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