Hagan Cameos- Revenge of the End Times Movies! (Indy Christian review)

A swarm of End Times movies, led by the Nicolas Cage Left Behind reboot, attack the Storyteller!



  1. Gotta say, that was a great setup. Really makes me want to see the crossover.

  2. Now that Zach’s dragon has defeated the rest of the end times movies, does this mean that you will come up with a paradox to bring them back just to review them?

    • Well he’s in another universe so its ok. But it will lead into our crossover. The exact same clips of me and his villain will appear in my Bitch Slap review so we can tell when things are happening for us both.

      • Oh, that swarm of movies featured in the video don’t even scratch the surface of the amount of end times movies out there. Plus, the Loch Desk Monster didn’t destroy the ones we’ll be reviewing in the crossover anyway. 😉

      • What was the movie with the name like POFL or something. I recognise/ have seen pretty much all the other ones you had attacking.

      • Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

  3. Have you seen the Gathering 1998 or Saint Street with Mark Webb, star of Enemy 1997 which according to the inaccurate IMDB stars ex-Coronation Street actor/Ronnie Corbett’s dad in Sorry! William Moore as a black gangster!?!

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