Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode66 (Not Gay Enough)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Free Will. We also have a semi-regular feature where we discuss a Classic Doctor Who story. This time- The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit.



  1. Personally, I see The Impossible Planet/Satan’s Pit to be my prime example of what I see in Doctor Who’s hilariously bad that I can’t get mad at. Gabriel Wolf’s performance was good, but me and my brother kept on laughing whenever he says “don’t turn around,” We just thought that was too funny to us.

    I would have been interested if Davros was in this one. While listening to this episode, I was thinking about a Davros episode where he turns out to be alone on a planet, surviving in a crashed Dalek ship after running out of fuel by being chased by big enough fleet of Sontaran ships that outnumbered the Daleks, and he killed the Daleks out of fear and paranoia, thinking that they might overrule Davros for being overpowering. But then the Doctor discovers the planet, just wanting to see what the planet is like, steps out, and sees that the planet’s terrains and environment rapidly changes, forcing him to be separated from his TARDIS, as it’s on the other side of the canyon that is now in front of him. He then sees a crashed Dalek ship to meet with Davros, argues with each other, tries to work out their differences with each other to make it out of the planet as the environment keeps on changing. Speaking of which, maybe the environment changing can also explain why some of the remaining Daleks died off from Davros and the ship. Oh, and we can also have the Sontarans finally find Davros to have that as their payoff, try to make it into the TARDIS in one piece.

    If I was part of this show, I would so love to join in the chat r the next episode, because The Girl Who Waited is my favorite story in Doctor Who!

    • Impossible Planet/Satan Pit is my go-to Who episode to hate intensely. I didn’t hate it as much as End of Time (I’m not really even much of a Dr. Who fan… but man, I hated end of Time), but for whatever reason it sticks out to me as a ‘bad episode’. The monster of the week is… literally Satan. Chilling in a planet, next to a black hole, no particular reason. ‘Campy’ is definitely a good way to describe it.

  2. Don’t discount the power of Rantasmo’s magnificant beard so easily. Your average beard may not have the power to repell trolls and bigots, but such an awesome specimen sure can! I could get lost in that beard.
    But seriously, it’s probably because your videos are called “lesbian talk” and his don’t have the “needs more gay” in the title (atleast on tgwtg) and thus the trolls didn’t find him. His beard is still great, though.

    If free will does exist is an interesting conundrum. I think most signs point to it not existing. We are biological machines who procress stimuly and are shaped by a combination of our genes and experiences.
    Even if the universe would turn out different every time, because of quantum uncertainties and/or chaos theory, that doesn’t make it so that we have free will.
    Ofcourse if we would accept that fact, it would have far reaching consequences. Basically we would have to completely remove the punishment aspect of prisons and focus solely on rehabilitation, because if people don’t chose to commit crimes it isn’t just to punish them for them. Ofcourse we would be far better off if we focused more on rehabilitation anyway, but that’s another discussion.

    Also I know Ocarina of Time like the back of my hand and that temple that Omega described here does not exist in that game. Don’t know where she got that from, tbh.

  3. I am a free will crusader 🙂 So let me brake down your argument Hagan and if I’m wrong about your meaning let me know. If I understand correctly you believe that all our actions are decided by the simplest aspects of the universe and yet you are ignoring several scientific theories. First Idealist physics which has a miniscule amount of credibility compared to most laws of physics but this /isn’t/ a hypothesis. Idealist physics states that everything changes when observed; no matter what’s observing; however the particles always behave randomly when observed as if they’re choosing. So that’s admittedly not concrete but it is something to chew on.

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