Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode68 (Defending the new Doctor)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… The new season of Doctor Who!



  1. I don’t think there has been a good regen story on Dr Who.

    • What end of regeneration? Because The Caves of Androzani is pretty fucking amazing and Power of the Daleks is brilliant.

      • Sorry what I ment was not the last story of Dr’s run but the first story they have such as the Twin Dilemer, and Robot.

      • Power of the Daleks was, and still is, amazing. It did something fresh and interesting with a rather simplistic foe (The Daleks). I just wish the BBC didn’t feel the need to chuck it in a refuse bin!

        P.S. Fuck the BBC!

      • I would say that the Daleks are a very complex foe, but that The Power of the Daleks is a simplistic story.

    • in terms of regen stories (when one doctor dies), War Games, Caves of androzani, and Night of the Doctor are brillant
      In terms of new doctor intros, Power of the daleks, spearhead from Space, and the Eleventh Hour are brilliant

  2. #No spoilers, just my speculation below

    I have a theory that Missy is “Death”, she does seem to be collecting lost souls, the final episode of series 8 is called “Death in Heaven”, which could be a typical Moffat styled a play on words.

    The fact that she calls the doctor her bf could be an hint at how the doctor surrounds himself with Death.

    It would be interesting to see the series go in the direction of the books.

  3. At one point during the episode, when Clara was trying to toss the Sonic Screwdriver to the Doctor he said he missed Amy. This kinda bugged me because I thought he said he missed Jamie and I thought it was awesome that they had him commenting on a classic companion.

  4. What do I think about Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?


    Deep Breath is just okay for me. I don’t see it as anything special, except for the last couple of minutes. Plus, my brother told me that Steven Moffat has no plans to bring back Rani. He said that not that many people remembers her, no one asks for her to come back, and he doesn’t see the point in doing so. However, I just think that this was just him either bluffing or not looking hard enough for the die hard fans who wants her back. Plus, you could have hid her character’s return from everyone, like what they did with the Cybermen in Earthshock.

    • “What do I think about Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor?”

      14th Doctor, surely?

      • Oh, so you don’t approve of this list?

        By the way, I just looked into your website, and I must say that I do like what you and your other guys have there.

      • “Oh, so you don’t approve of this list?”

        No I don’t The War Doctor is also the 9th Doctor. Glad you like my website.:)

      • I think I can also argue that Capaldi is the 22nd Doctor, if you include “The Brain of Morbius.”

    • Well I thought it was a good start for a new Doctor. Also, I read your review of Capaldi and liked the comparison to Pertwee. And since you made a comparison to Pertwee, I was surprised you didn’t bring up the 3rd Doctor’s penchant for using put-downs. It feels like Capaldi is looking to have a similar style.

      • What do you mean by put-downs?

  5. So far, I like this new doctor. I think judgment needs to be reserved til we see him in another story.

  6. Really enjoyed the podcast. I thought this episode was largely meh and Clara being the one taken aback really annoyed me I thought she was the impossible girl who saved every doctor huh? Even if you want to argue it from well she doesn’t remember and to be honest I don’t really remember if they established that. From a dramatic standpoint it doesn’t work everyone is going to remember that she is the one who saved all the doctors because they showed the sequence of her saving all of them twice. Also she met the doctors in the 50th. Now I’m theorectically ok with her freaking out but not the way she did. Moffat created a unique opportunity here to have a companion that knew about regeneration and to change the dynamic, it would have been interesting for her to take on a maternal role towards him and try and treat him as a child which would be quite ironic considering the actor’s age difference I’m not saying they definately should have done that but they had a unique opportunity to do something different and to shake the regeneration dynamic up and Moffat failed miserably which is a shame. At this point I think the person who’s reacted best to regeneration is Polly.

    Also Vastra and Jenny I always feel a bit out of my depth talking about these two because as someone who is pro lgbt right but not lgbt themselves. I feel that crticising them can come across as me rallying aginst gay representation which is not what I want at all. But if Vastra Jenny and Strax never appeared after this episode, I wouldn’t be happy but I can’t honestly say that I would be upset. Anyway the reason I don’t think Vastra and Jenny work is that they’re not really married. Let me explain ages ago I saw someone complain that River doesn’t act like the doctor’s wife. I feel that the same crticism can be applied to Jenny and Vastra they don’t act like a couple, they act like they’re in a flirting competition. The relationship seems to be stuck on pause, I know there’s no threat to this relationship, I know neither will change or develop because of their time together and it will remain static. I find this incredibly boring to watch I don’t care how witty or good their banter is. It’s just noise unless it’s actually going to lead to a payoff. I realised that after watching deep breath Vastra and Jenny will remain forever the same and I lost all intrest in them. I don’t hate them but I guess I’ll just have to hold out hope that one day there will be better lgbt representations on our tv shows and in Doctor Who.

  7. Oh for goodness sake, Omega. You can’t judge a show based on what you’d *like* it to be like. If you go down that path you can never judge anything ever.

    I totally agree with Hagan on this.

    • I think I’m confused by what you mean here. I can judge a show on whatever parameters I choose because…I’ve already made the judgement. Enjoyment is different for everyone and as a writer and a worldbuilder, I naturally mentally sub in the parts that aren’t there, but I feel might be there. That’s what makes a world like DW feel whole and full to me but not everyone has that.

      • Ok, granted. You can judge a show based on whatever criteria you want.

        But while that may be how you watch, you still can’t use your own on-the-fly headcanon to fill plotholes someone else noticed, and it’s not a failure of their imagination if they take what happens in a story at face value and expect the author to do the work.

        I don’t believe it’s the audience’s job to make the story make sense.

  8. “Sontarans are supposed to be smart?”

    Commander Stor from “The Invasion of Time” didn’t strike me as particularly bright.

    • The way how I view Strax is simply this: I think that Strax is a rejected Sontaran who his race doesn’t want back anymore because of his stupidity. You can say that he, or she (never specified, but I only saw The Time Warrior, The Two Doctors, and all of the New Who Sontaran episodes, so what do I know?) is kind of a mark of shame to the Sontaran home world.

      • I’m pretty sure there are no female Sontarans. They’re a one gender species.

      • Strax is member of a clone batch, so if they rejected him, they’d also have to reject several billion others. More likely, the reason Strax behaves like he does is because he’s been partially house trained by Vastra and Jenny. Outside of that, however, he would have been as viciously racist as the rest of Sontaran society. Hence why, when Strax’s timeline is corrupted in “The Name of the Doctor,” he reverts to type, becomes agressive and says to Vastra “Reptile scum. You are an affront to Sontaran purity. Prepare to perish!”

      • That explanation kind of helps.

  9. I’m pretty sure this Clara is the same one that was shown at the end of the “Name of the Doctor” episode after she “saved” all the versions of the doctor (up to Matt Smith), and this doctor she never meet because he technically shouldn’t exist without the help of being granted a bunch of new regenerations from the Time Lords at the end of “Time of the Doctor.”

    • According to Moffat the events of “The Name of the Doctor” were deleted by the time change that took place in “The Time of the Doctor.”

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