Lexx Appeal- S1 Ep1 (I Worship his Shadow)

Omegas new show. Where she and I watch late 90s Canadian/ German scifi show Lexx!



  1. What, nothing to say about how much sexual imagery is in the episode, or is it so ubiquitous to the series that nothing needs to be said?

    Also, you two look adorable together.

  2. This is bound to get interesting! I still fully admit to hating Lexx, but I also must make the caveat that I probably didn’t watch it in the right state of mine, either.

    • *of mind (Meaning: I was expecting something else)

  3. I remember watching Lexx occasionally back in high school, still remember the battle hymm/theme for the show

  4. Lexx is awesome. Show of mah childhood, sweet memories

  5. Oh, I’m so happy that you’re finally covering Lexx since you mentioned liking it several times now. I admit, the first season is the one I watched the most, I only saw a few episodes of the other seasons.

  6. Now kiss…..This should be fun. Lexx was a great show.

  7. I am so happy you guys are going through Lexx! I love that show It’s one of the only shows I’ve ever seen that never, ever forgets what it’ supposed to be and where it came from. It’s just so beautifully weird!

  8. LEXX is the most underrated and underseen sci-fi gem ever. All 4 season finales are so epic. S3 is my favorite. There’s so much going on beneath the surface…so many deep philosophies and visual metaphors…honestly I can’t say enough good things about it.

  9. I remember ad’s for Lexx back in the day but never saw it, and now I’m looking at prices on the DVD XD

  10. Always thrilling to find more fans =)
    Pinky Guerrero on twitter, aka Janika Banks of GrandFortuna’s League of 20,000 Planets and Lexxperience.com

  11. Your Lexx Appeal has convinced me, and I have bought and am now watching the show!

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