Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode70 (So Excited to Get Angry)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! And we talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… a trip to The Midlands and New Who season 8 episode 3: Robot of Sherwood!



  1. What you said about seasons 2-4 having episodes being connected, I have to disagree with you, mainly because I’m just not seeing it. Yes, there are some episodes that have a connection, but not entirely. I didn’t see it too much in season 2, other than the two part cybermen story and the two part cybermen/dalek story.

    Season three, maybe the Human Nature/Family of Blood, due to the pocket watch, and I almost forgot about Gridlock that leads to the reveal of him in Last of the Timelords that I fail to understand how it made any sense. It was a twist that John Barrowman loves for some reason. Whatever. At least he was happy to read that.

    I have to take back what I said about season 4 not having a lot of their episodes being connected, because I forgot about how Rose was trying to invade her horrible presence of her existence, even how her acting got so much worse than before.

    Season 5 is where Moffat went into full blast with this idea, where you almost couldn’t watch an entire season with one episode that doesn’t connect with the main story line. Sure, it made sense, and I liked it, but I think us allowing that made Moffat want to continue this for the rest of his time ruling this show with an iron fist because his ego thinks its too big for the fans to defeat.

    Honestly, After A Christmas Carol, I started to think that Moffat went from slowly falling apart in season 6 (excluding the glorious The Girl of Waited), to just being nothing but fallen rubble towards the 7th season. The only episode that I liked from season 7 was The Rings of Ahkitan. And it didn’t get any better for me when he said in an interview a week after Sherlock season 3 premiere, where he insulted so many people by saying that plot holes don’t need to be explained, and he later on said that he thinks that the audience is clever than him. Two things:

    1. saying that plot holes don’t need to be explained is nothing more but a cop out for me. If you see plot holes, don’t say that they don’t need to be explained, and rather off apologize to your audience and fix those mistakes, if you can.

    2. You don’t have any right to call your fans clever when you say that plot holes don’t need to be explained.

    Bottom line, I have lost so much respect for Steven Moffat.

    The golden arrow didn’t make any sense to me. Let’s just say that gold is a really good conductor for their ship. Why in the world did you use it as a trophy?! Plus, I think that the arrow is way too small to provide enough energy.

    The spoon thing reminded me of this:

    Just about anything that involves people being others up with spoons with spoons will always bring me back to that fake trailer.

  2. (Psst, it’s episode 3, not 2)

  3. So, about story arc – do you really think that, say, even Lucie and Monk arc not working? 8P What so bad with story arcs

  4. Perhaps they should have called it “Cyborg of Sherwood.”

  5. I wanted to comment about what Omega said about the show changing, but I had to rest my head and couldn’t comment. What Omega said is true about the show changing. But what you also said about how the show changes is also true when you compared both old and new Who. Yes, the show needs to change for the demographic audience. And just because you don’t like change doesn’t mean the show is designated for you. I too don’t like change very much, but I can’t bring myself to fight it at all.

    But for the robots in this episode I like. I liked the design of the costume more than the Cybermen’s new design. These robots look more evil looking than being silly. I also like how their laser beams come out of their foreheads too. It kind of reminds me of how the Cybermen use to shoot out darts from their foreheads. At least I think they were darts. I welcome anyone to tell me what the Cybermen use to shoot out of their foreheads.

    • Doughnuts.

      • Doughnuts can work too!

    • “Yes, the show needs to change for the demographic audience.”

      No, it doesn’t. Retooling to ‘appeal’ to a demographic that’s come over because they like a show, as it already is, rarely ends well in the long run. The existing audience feels shunned, and the newer audience will realise they’re being pandered towards and go back to their old shows that did it better.

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