Lexx Appeal- S1 Ep3 (Eating Pattern)

Lexx Appeal for Season 1 episode 3- EATING PATTERN! (aka the one with the limb removal, giant monster woman and drug addiction via brain-worm)


  1. You two are starting to persuade me to give Lexx another chance. After all, I hadn’t quite developed my appreciation of phallic things when I first saw it yet…

    Also, when Omega has more spare time, it would be good if she could put these on her website. It feels a little off to comment on it here.

  2. I agree, Eatting Pattern would likely have been better if it had just been a normal length episode instead of stretched into a mini-movie.

    But Gigashadow will be soooo much better, it’s one of the best episodes of the series, let alone the first season. Character insight and growth, an awesome climax, universe shaking events. So good.

  3. So which ya like more – Wist or Lyekka?

    • Lyekka was really a better constructed character. She manages to be both sympathetic and likable but an ever present threat at the same time.

  4. I’m from California, and we call them rolly-polly bugs, or just rolly-pollies. It rhymes, so it’s pronounced rolly “pole-y” rather than the name Polly. And poles are phallic, and this is a Lexx video, so this is the perfect place to discuss such a thing!

  5. Ah Brigadoom my number one Lexx episode 😀

  6. LEXX!!! Most underrated and underseen sci-fi gem…EVER. S3 is my favorite, but S2 comes at a close second…yet I think the best episode of the entire series is the S4 finale. It’s just an insanely, crazy epic show.

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