Special Review- Bitch Slap (100th episode special!)

Hagan has unfinished business with an old enemy and a love letter to big-titted exploitation movies is BEGGING to be reviewed.

If Bitch Slap is blocked in your country click here!



  1. First of all, congratulations on this milestone. It’s kind of misleading, seeing as how much work you’ve done on top of the reviews that count towards it, but that only makes the achievement greater. And I am endlessly glad that I decided to give your show a look back what seems like an eternity ago…. You honestly changed my life. Thank you for all the hard work, for expanding my horizons and opening my mind to things I would never have known. And for making the world a little better by playing a horrible person. You are the best.
    (Consider yourself hugged)

    Now, for this review. It obviously was tons of fun. I loved the action sequence at the beginning, with the callbacks, the absurdity, the intriguing hint at a possible future story development and, of course, the Abominable Anus getting shot in the face. (Also, Nicola and Omega have a pretty good on-screen chemistry. I hope that the competent minions will appear again)
    It was also a very educational review. I’ve learned a lot of euphemisms which I will never use.
    The gags hit the target, the music inserts improved the movie by a lot, and the camera fetishist is another character that works almost too well. (Is there something we should know about he who is teddy?)

    Can’t wait for the next 100… nah, 1000 reviews!

  2. The bit with PZ and Dawkins was beautiful. The movie itself was glorious.

  3. All this movie needs to be more awesome is Manborg. Which would be a perfect double feature with Bitch Slap. I need to see the hell out of this one now.

  4. Congratulations on 100 episodes God Empress.

    I’m kinda surprised ZoĆ« Bell didn’t play the role of Camero as well as choreograph the fights, the part seemed tailor made for her.

  5. Three words:

  6. Im…not really sure how to respond to the end of this review so…. Im just going to post this clip from season 4 of dexter and let the first 20 seconds express my feelings.

  7. Wow, after the events of Kill La Kill, Tsumugu really went through a rough patch, what with traveling back in time to be a villain in this movie.

  8. whelp. i sadly didnt understand too much at the beginning because the voics were muffled bc of the paper-masks and i am not a native speaker so muffled english is really hard to understand. do you have subtitles for that part?

    also.. well tits are fine on other people but you culd have mine. I tried to sell them to a friend when i was 16 but he didnt want them and getting them off isnt legal here for me. and if it were I would have to pay it myself and with 500$ /monthly income that would be alloooong long time of eating old bread only.

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