Flubs- Bitch Slap

A collection of Flubs, bloopers, behind the scenes footage and alternate takes from The Bitch Slap review.


  1. It’s sort of alarming that the rate of injuries during filming seems to be skyrocketing lately. Then again, it brings fourth quality reviews AND flubs, so maybe that’s worth sacrificing a few limbs… Seriously, though, I can see that a LOT of work went into this one, and by this fan, for one, it is very much appreciated!
    (Also, how fortunate is it that both the current minion actresses with similar body types both have a pretty good range of totally different voices?)

  2. Now, I know who Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin are, but who were the other ones that you guys were playing as?

    • Teddy played Richard Coughlan- Standup comic (who voiced himself), PZ Myers- Biologist and Blogger, Matt Dillahunty- Speaker/ lecturer and Charles Darwin.

      I played Ayn Rand- Writer, AronRa- science activist, Richard Dawkins, BionicDance- Youtuber and Brad Pitt.

      We both played Bertrand Russel- logician in diff shots. The Amazing Atheist was the one who wanted beans. Zinnia Jones voiced herself and Bionic dance. There was supposed to be an extra 2 bits where the minions faced off against Zinnia and another Youtuber called Thunderf00t but a mix of time and footage quality meant it was dropped.

      • I forgot that the Amazing Atheist was in there too! Anyway, I was bored, so I made a chart of the reviewing universe with you in it! Oh, and maybe one or two other people in it:


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