Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode73 (An Evening with Slashers)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! We’re joined by TGWTG newbie COUNT JACKULA and talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… found slasher movies movies and New Who season 8 episode 6: The Caretaker!



  1. Hellraiser 5 is definitely the best of the straight to DVD films. The worst one I remember is the one with a virtual reality game, a crappy teen slasher.
    I also remember one which features the girl from the earlier films and being annoyed when she willing solved the puzzle just because she was upset with her boyfriend. That had me facepalming.

    note: It’s been a while and I don’t remember the details.

    Your right about Doctor Who and different genres. I would like to see a pure historical because the past is fascinating. I don’t think we’ll get it on televised Who, they would worried if there wasn’t a monster it wouldn’t be marketable.
    I would also think if they tried different genres some of the fanbase would complain about it not being Doctor Who enough.

  2. I don’t get Omega’s problems with Clara…sure maybe a little more honesty could’ve made things easier. But being around The Doctor tends to make you tell the truth less easily. Plus she knew he would not approve of Danny once he made that big stink about Journey Blue. I really like the direction that Clara and The Doctor’s relationships have gone. Clara disagrees a lot with the doctor so she lets him hear it. I think she’s earned the right to do so. Just because he’s The Doctor doesn’t mean you have to sit back and listen to him with awe. That’s silly.

  3. No matter how bad some of the Hellraiser sequels are, Doug Bradley as Pinhead (or Lead Cenobite if you’re a purist) will always be my favourite horror icon. Which is why I have no real interest in watching Revelations.

    I’d argue that Event Horizon is another of the better Hellraiser sequels that isn’t an actual Hellraiser movie.

  4. My problem with how the Doctor views Danny Pink in The Caretaker is really vague for me. But you know what, you made it clear for me. Thanks to you telling me the reference from Mawdryn Undead on how the Doctor felt about Lethbridge-Stewart retiring from being the Brigadier, I can’t argue with that anymore. I finally understand why the Doctor went against Danny Pink. IF I did not know that the Doctor said that he hates soldiers in the montage with Clara in the beginning of this episode. I’m sorry, but Danny is just treated so unfairly in this episode for just not being a soldier anymore, even when the Doctor still wanted to see Lethbridge-Stewart in Battlefield. Even if that was the case, it wouldn’t make sense for the Doctor to hate him for that. A lot of soldiers don’t stay in the arm forces forever. If there is anything that I’m starting not to like about this incarnation, it’s this. I probably wouldn’t have too much of a problem with the Doctor hating soldiers, but I need to know why and it has to make sense!

    Now that I found out that you don’t like the War Doctor, does this mean in one of your future episodes, you will explain through whining and complaining? Plus, you said something positive about the tenth Doctor? Has the world finally come to an end?!

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