Special Review- Megiddo (The Omega Code 2)

Hagan has heard tales of a man with the power to review 5 End-Times movies in under 20 minutes and she has plans for him. Plans that involve the one of the craziest End-Times/ Antichrist movies ever made!

This is a co-review with The Storyteller from IndyChristianReview.com



  1. 12:00 – had such a good laugh at this scene.

    13:37 – That is kind of like the reversal of that one character that the Cinema Snob pointed out in “Burial Grounds: Nights of Terror,” where a man in his 30s tries to play as a 10-year-old.

    15:11-27 – “This seemed effective when combat took place face to face. But with the invention of fire arms, particularly the machine gun, these same tactics resulted in the slaughter of thousands of great men. What does this mean?” It means you are taking advice from the antique store owner from “Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie.”

  2. Once upon a time, I would have had severe doubts that I would have so damn much fun with a review that is partially hosted by a conservative Christian who specializes in religious movies. However, I have since learned nothing is impossible in the realm of the Lecher Bitch.
    And this one really was a lot of fun. Great performances all around (Hey there, Robyn! 🙂 ), gags that hit the mark and not a single dull passage.

  3. Mexico is part of North America so there’s that obvious screw up, but hey, since when do Americans know geography. Also, the antichrist is supposed to be all charismatic; yet, he’s usually portrayed as a prick in these movies. Guess the writers of these films only know how to paint in broad strokes.

  4. Your link to IndyChristianreview.com is trying to point to a subfolder of this page, not the actual site.

  5. Reanimator! (What took you so long?)

  6. I was seriously expecting a Django clip during Franco Nero’s machine gun speech.

    Honestly Diamanda, I was kind of worried you had compromised your style by doing a co-review with a conservative christian, but then that amazing ‘hot chocolate’ joke put my mind at ease.

    • Shouldnt have worried. I was the scriptwriter :). Seriously though, Zack did ask me to cut down on some elements (hence the anti-sweating field) but you make compromises in every crossover you do, If you didnt then the other person would be your dancing monkey and Im not interested in that.

      • Ha, well I’m glad you managed to get a few choice words past, and kudos to him for being such a good sport.

  7. It’s not only the battle scenes that could be cutscenes from a CnC-game: The Antichrist video conferences also resemble CnC-Mission briefings.

  8. FLINKING RE-ANIMATOR! *dances like the most damned of fools*

  9. Honestly, the antichrist’s final form looked like Alastor from Painkliller. If only the movie ended with someone pulling out a rocket launcher that was also a minigun and blowing him back to hell.

  10. A rabbi doing bible codes? Uh, I don’t think that’s a thing in any form of Judaism. I mean there is numerology in Judaism, but not the bible code crap.

  11. Extra Darrell Geer appeared in this, a David Mamet film, the One with Jet Li, a film with Sinead McCafferty, who starred in the Asylum Day the Earth Stopped and sounds like a Rose of Tralee contestant. I sometimes thought the Asylum made the first Omega Code, but they didn;t, Too expensive, anyway

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