Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode74 (Actual depiction of what never happened)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! We’re joined by TGWTG newbie COUNT JACKULA and talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… monster movies movies and New Who season 8 episode 7: Kill the Moon!



  1. No other companion had clash with Doc before? Really? <_<
    What about Steven, Charley, Lucie or Klein?
    And canonicaly Clara seems not to remember anything of her echo experience. Just hazy images. Nothing specific.

  2. The point of the law where you cannot be president in the US unless you are a citizen is to show representation of our country. Some people may think it was only to keep us away from British influence, due to the constitution being written only a few years after the war was over, but our founding fathers only set this up to be extremely cautious that foreign powers of any kind will not try to overcome our country and our government.

    But for “Kill the Moon,” this wasn’t terrible. I was expecting something like Alien with spiders, and it was. Only for the first third of the episode. I don’t have a problem with the girl in this show. I know some people due, but I keep telling them that she is far from being as bad as the girl from “Nightmare in Silver.” This episode was a letdown for me, and I do see how you would make a review out of this. If that ever happens, I’ll be watching it!

    • I get why the law is there Javi but as a non-American I think one of the USAs failings is that immigrants aren’t 100% equal citizens because they can never be president.

      • Oh, alright. I thought you were kind of lost there for a sec. As for Courtney, she might have been born in the US with parents who are American and have lived in the UK to long enough to develop a British accent. That, and it is possible for her to become president, as long as she has 15 years of US citizenship and 35 years-old and above. And judging from the time span between 2014 and 2049, plus her age, I can see that her becoming a president as a possibility.

  3. When it comes to Clara I think the producers thought remembering all of the Doctor’s life would take away from her every-woman status, essentially they wussed out of having a more “unearthly” companion.

    Kill the Moon was terrible, the message was to go against common sense and risk other peoples lives (a lot of them) for the sake of being nice.

  4. I’m from the UK, and when I was at school they did separate the girls and boys during sex education to show the girls a video about menstruation and tampons. For the boys, they showed a really awkward video about checking your testicles for cancer.

  5. Yeah, I fucking hated kill the moon and I can’t wait for your review.

  6. Don’t know where else to put this, but as I’m scrolling down a page on your site the “Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com” ad thing is covering the button that allows you to go to older posts in a category.

    • I have also been having a problem accessing the navigation links at the bottom.

    • You’re not alone, Iv made some inquiries to try and fix it but had no luck. Its really annoying.

  7. just FYI, Jackula, “gypsy” is considered rude and kind of a racial slur, “roma” is preferred.

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