Special Review- Reanimator

The first of three HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton movie reviews!



  1. Sorry about the massive squee you heard when a From Beyond review was announced. I’m one of the few who loves that one more than Re-Animator, though both are truly sacred.

  2. Great to see you tackle some of your favorites lately! 🙂 I like that this review kind of had a theme in the gags-that-go-on-longer-than-you-would-expect-but-totally work.
    And now we have a new game to play when watching episodes: “Nicola Or Omega?”
    This time, I’ll go with Omega for the adoration-expressing Minion.

  3. Love this movie, thank you

  4. Have you listened to the original story read to you by Jeffrey Combs? It’s brilliant.

  5. As a special note (for Reanimator newcomers watching at home), some of the deleted scenes go into a bit more detail about dean Halsey’s rather striking hostility towards Cain and West, aside from the simple daughter-schtupping angle. Suffice it to say, Dr, Hill is involved…but check it our for yourselves!

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