Lexx Appeal- S2 Ep3 (Lyekka)

Hagan and Omega continue to show their Lexx Appeal by watching Lexx Season 2 episode 3- Lyekka! (aka the one with anti-Midwestern racism, Steven ‘Its a FAAAAAKE’ McHattie, a new Xev and a plantwoman in love with Stan)



  1. Are you sure this was the episode they wanted Wist back for? I thought they wanted her back for the final plot of season four.

    I actually really like Lyekka, she’s my favorite of the minor characters in the show.

    I didn’t buy it to watch along because I already owned it.

  2. Making fun of ‘murica? *grin* Wait for season 4

  3. I’m pretty sure that this episode was the point where I originally checked out of Lexx for keeps. I’m still not sure whether to regret that.

  4. High-five from a fellow Philadelphian!

    I don’t mind the American stereotypes in this show. For all the stereotyping we do of other countries, it’s kind of interesting to see the ones they come up with for us.

    Also, I can’t wait to see your reaction to the episode “Love Grows”.

  5. I love these Lexx Appeal episodes! Always look forward to them. Looking forward to you watching everything that comes next

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