Special Review- From Beyond

Part 2 of the HP Lovecraft, Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton trilogy! Everything Re-Animator is to biology From Beyond is to Physics. BUT GAYER!

If the From Beyond review is blocked click here!



  1. Wonderful review once again. Any review that makes me laugh loud enough to resound through the house multiple times is gold in my book.

  2. Look up a movie called Doctor Mordrid some time. it’s a Charles Band/Full Moon Production starring Jeffrey Combs.

    • Oh, Iv seen it! It was (allegedly) almost a Doctor Strange movie!

  3. Is it terrible that after watching a review with a really thought provoking interpretation of the film, the thought that resonates (hur hur) with me the most is: ‘I want that Ken Foree/sexual tyrannosaurs picture on a shirt’?

  4. Amazing review as always. I hadn’t heard of this film before but after your review I just had to watch it!

    I was struck by the parallels to Hellraiser, myself. Dr. Pretorius at the end even looked quite a bit like Dr. Channard from the end of the Hellraiser sequel: but that might just be the limits of body horror practical effects talking there.

    It’s got the whole “earth has no sadomasochistic pleasures for me anymore, I’m off to the hell dimensions!” thing going on for sure.

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