Special Review- Castle Freak

A family get terrorized in an Italian castle in Stuart Gordons terribly-titled adaption of HP Lovecrafts ‘The Outsider’.

The final part of the Stuart Gordon, HP Lovecraft, Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton trilogy!

If the Castle Freak review is blocked try HERE!



  1. Another great review!Very strong in the running gag category, and I really like the “American TV audience” character. I hope you’ll find more uses for her! 🙂

  2. Combs hates car crashes because his booooody is a rooooadmap of paaaaain!

    • It isssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I was saddened to see that Mr. Gordon’s wife did not die a gruesome death in this one.

  3. Wow. Thunderdome joke, eat your heart (or other assorted organs) out. *tips hat*

  4. Will you ever do In the Mouth of Madness? I know it’s not TOO good for you, but I can’t help but feel that if you’re going to do any more HPLesque films why not one that had decent production values?

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