Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode78 (Ikea Cybermen)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! We talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… excitement over Dragon Age Inquisition and the final episode of New Who Season 8- DEATH IN HEAVEN.



  1. Diamanda, you might like the Fallout games, in those each limb, along with the head and the torso, has an independent health bar that, when drained, makes that limb useless (disabled arms make using guns slower, disabled legs make a character limp, disabled head either blinds or kills them, depending on their overall health).

  2. One day, I’m going to try one of the Dragon Age games.

    One day.

    Maybe when they indeed include a scene where people freak out over a bear.
    Getting that tattoo is pretty hardcore, though. I’ve considered getting one of the symbols from Legacy Of Kain before, myself, but…. naaah.

    The matter of realism in games is tricky, I think. Because ultimately, there’s always a level of abstraction to translate an action into game mechanics. And in that context, I would generally prefer to err on the side of gameplay/fun.

    Dear god, those customers from the store story were awful human beings. Petty, power-hungry and void of empathy. Icky.

    On Death In Heaven… It was a let-down for me, overall. I really, really, really hated that they killed Osgood, as I was rooting for her to become a companion. She’s a scientist with a physical handicap. That’s a nice change of pace for new Who companions. But alas…
    I also wasn’t happy with Missy going full Simm. We’ve had QUITE enough of that. And that “haha, look at me, I’m so crazy” act is just DONE. Anyway, is it just me, or is the possible “get out of death” card this time the fact that the disintegration and teleport effects looked really similar?

    As for Giovanni’s Trivia question: Damnit, I USED to know that. But now I don’t. Damnit. Damnit Damnit.

  3. First, long time lurking fan, finally taking the chance to speak out. Second, I thought Dark Water was just as hamfisted and poor as Death in Heaven. If they hadn’t spoiled the Cyberman reveal it would have been a far better episode, but alas… The golden era really ended with a fizzle.

    Now, is there a way to download the podcasts, or is that a no-no for Blip? I want to take these on the go, far away from where 4G or Wifi will meet me

  4. Here’s my review of season 8.


    As for Death in Heaven, I was furious at how they tried to use the Brigadier’s corpse as a Cyberman, which looks like an adorable Iron Man costume than trying to be terrifying. Plus, when you were trying to say that there should be more Cybermen appearing as the Doctor’s previous companions, I wanted to waver my fist very angry like, shouting “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!?” Like I said before, I still don’t like this Master. She’s not Simms, and I’m happy about that. But she came very close to being like Simms. If there is one thing I will always keep in mind about what my brother said about John Simms as the Master, its that he made the Doctor look stupid for even being his villain.

  5. The idea of the army of dead companions coming back really doesn’t sound good to me, a lot of people thought the cyber-brig was a good tribute. I just thought it was an odd thing to do.

    I like to think the Brigadier is dead rather than undead.

    This finale. it’s one of the better ones but still has a few issues. The idea of Missy building an army to give to the doctor was a good idea but it was drowned out by the others and only presented to us at the last minute.

    The Series 3 finale had a lot of stupid moments but at least it communicated the pathos of being the last two Timelords and the grief it caused them. RTD was far from subtle but at least he gave the audience time to simmer on these ideas.

    To be a little cruel I’m glad Osgood was never a companion, she represents a fan-girl so I could imagine her travelling with Doctor and making constant, pandering in-jokes.

    • I didn’t really care for Osgood either. I know that she’s suppose to be a metaphor of the fan of the show, but we already had that in “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.” I guess Moffat wanted another to help us forget the “fans” in “Love and Monsters.” To me, the show doesn’t need a DW fan character.

      • having a fangirl as a companion would also make it very self indulgent, imagine watching DW for the first time and their making references to things you don’t know every conversation.

        read your blog, half good/half bad is a fair summary.

        an alien companion would be good, they really need to break away from this attractive/present day/young area. I think their too scared to take the risk however.

      • what I meant by half good/half bad is kind of my point (even though I thought that 1/3 of the season was kind of lukewarm). The season is not avoidable by any means. It’s better than season 2, but not as strong as season 5.

        Wait a sec, are you talking about something else?

      • I was talking about season 8 of DW (the link in your upper comment).

  6. Still not as bad as “The End Of Time”?


    What did this episode do right?
    Besides the Doctor not being played by David Tennant …

  7. cyberbrig kind of made me squirm, it felt a bit disrespectful. But yes santa at the end ruined all emotional weight of the entire episode. Trying to make Clara’s and Danny’s end as emotional as Rory and Amy’s was not a good idea, b/c rory was f’n awesome! I had heard rumor’s originally Danny (or at least the actor). I think Kate Stewart should have had some sort of alien McGuffin to save herself and give her some props as a strong female lead. Maybe some sort anitgrav unit that UNIT acquired, and if the doctor said “where did you get that” she could just left a hook for a future episode “none of your business doctor, its classified.”

    • whoops *”I heard rumors that Danny (or at least the actor), might be a companion. But, obviously that changed.”

  8. What a lot of moaning Minnies. Dark Water/Death in Heaven is quite possibly the best two part Nu Who story we’ve had since Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. As for people getting out of their prams over the Cyber-Brig, for god sake, three years after Roger Delgado died in a car accident, The Deadly Assassin brought the Master back as a rotting corpse. How many of you on here have ever called that disrespectful? No one.

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