Special Review- Unashamed

First of a new trio of possession reviews- 1932s nudist colony melodrama-sploitation!

Presented by the one, the only HAGAN THOMAS!



  1. As a long-time fan of both reviewers involved, I feel rather spoiled and catered-to by this video. Doubly so because it’s also hilarious.
    Leon does a pretty good job hitting some of the Hagany inflections without losing the touch of Thomas entirely. It’s almost a pity that possessions are more of a “one and done” deal. Would be fun to develop that impression/sub-character further. But who knows what the future will hold!

  2. Great crossover/review! I couldn’t stop laughing! 🙂

  3. Great review. I’d be interested in learning more about what goes into making this style of review. Is the impression entirely up to the possessed reviewer or do you give feedback back and forth to develop the mannerisms, etc?

    • Basically I usually take notes and write the script as I would write any of the usual reviews, Its then sent to the possessed reviewer who adds a little intro and outro (my script begins and ends with the persons possession). Then the possessed one dons the makeup and films. I don’t make any suggestions of how to play Hagan. Then I get the footage (and see what they did with the character for the first time) and post-production alter it in the way I usually do. When I’m editing I might get some extra ideas or request some re-does in voice over. Usually the possessed reviewer hasn’t seen anything to do with the film until their sent a copy of the review.

      I think I did commentarys for the first 3 possession reviews (Freaks, Child Bride and Terror of Tiny Town) when they were first made.

      • Interesting, thanks!

  4. That dummy is the old pedophile from Family Guy. I mean, compare the voices. They’re pretty similiar.

    This movie was just one of these racial dramas with added nudity. There where tons of these kind of movies made back in the day up until the 50s or so.

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