Special Review- Sex Madness

Sex Madness is like Reefer Madness, if Reefer Madness was about syphilis.

The second of the new trilogy of possession reviews! This one stars PUSHING UP ROSES! (as Pushing Up Hagan)



  1. I’ve been waiting so long for this one to happen, and now it is finally here! I really enjoyed Roses’ performance (and unsurprisingly, her make-up is top-notch, too).

    Gotta say, though, that’s the worst movie about Syphilis that I’ve ever seen.

  2. And yet this film still has more sexual tension than The Imitation game.

    By the way, you were asking for non-Christian religious movies to review a while back; have you heard of The Message (aka Muhammad, Messenger of God)? It’s a religious epic about the early days of Islam made in the seventies and it’s notable for being the only one.

    It’s not a crazy religious movie (a pretty standard historical epic in the Hollywood mould all things considered) but it is notable for the way it gets around not showing the protagonist. Muhammad is always either out of shot, discussed by other characters or the scene is shot from his POV with characters reacting to his unseen dialogue. The latter has an uncanny resemblance to 90’s FMV games, so from now on I always assume FMV protagonists to be Muhammad (Star Trek: Borg gets quite interesting).

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