Podcasts- Lesbian Talk episode81 (Musicals with a Bodycount)

Me and Omega have ourselves a podcast! We talk about… Lesbian stuff! Like… MUSICALS! and the Doctor Christmas special.


  1. Yes, the first video that I can actually watch as it’s posted! I love being caught up. As for teaming up with Screen Crashers, maybe it could be a special possession review. The odd nature of their reviews could cause you to be possessing all of them at once like a warped pinball machine. Alternately, one of them could be you and the rest could be playing as minions.

  2. In regards to your conversation about bringing back an original Doctor Who companion, I would love to see the Calpaldi Doctor team up with Jamie McCrimmon again. Just imagine how great it would be – two crotchety old Scotsmen fighting evil through time and space.

    Also, while you wait for new episodes of TV Doctor Who, maybe you could spotlight some Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Dramas in the podcast.

  3. Even though I’m sure you’ve never heard or watched it, it would be pretty neat if you and Omega can talk about the finale of Legend of Korra and how many reacted positively to the final shot and how its pushing the boundary of LBGT representation in Western Animation and media.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. I love Rocky Horror but I’m going to have to admit to loving Sweeney Todd more. I love a good massacre, even when taken to absurd levels. Actually, especially when taken to absurd levels. I don’t think you’d be surprised to know my favourite Shakespeare play is Titus Andronicus then.

  5. Big Finish retconned Peri massively lately. All Yacarnos shenanigans and all that.

    • Well… not really. I’m assuming your talking about the Widow’s Assassin, a kind of sequel to another play, Peri and the Piscon Paradox, which came up with the idea of multiple Peri’s stemming off from the events of the Trial. Hagan’s right, one of the Peris (what’s the plural?) was killed, another had kids, one was sterile and re-joined the Sixth Doctor and one ended up on Earth with her memory of her travels wiped and working as a relationship counsellor.

      I think the idea was to canonise any and all fandom explanations about Peri’s fate.

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