Special Review- Equestria Girls

Requested by a fan though Patreon.. Hagan needs to face the wrath of PONIES (and those that love them)



  1. Wait, Equestria Girls has fans? I though even the hardest of hard-core bronies hated it. Weirdos that they are, watching cartoons for little girls at all.

    The sequel’s pretty good though.

  2. Excellent work indeed! I’m actually impressed by how well you emote through plushies. Don’t know how you do it, really. Also, I’ve said it before, but I am in full agreement with the assessment that this film was made in part to be Bronie wankbait. Which is all the more disturbing considering that the characters look like.. 14 years old? (Doubly weird because their horse versions seemed to be more like early 20s)

    • Yeah, my sister said that they were supposed to be adults. That confused me.

    • I can’t think of any other reason for this film’s existence. The main point of the series – them being ponies – is removed, and you’re left with a generic high school drama. Also given both the furry tails and Magical Girl transformation sequences, it’s definitely aimed straight at the anime-fanboy brony demographic.

  3. I hate so say, but I stopped watching after 7 minutes. Usually I watch all your reviews, and though I often am not very much interested in the movies you talk about I am highly entertained by the reviews themselves. This seemed totally out of place and not material for a Hagan video. Maybe listening to Patreon is not always a good idea.

    • “Listening to Patreon” isn’t exactly the case. She had a pay-tier with the reward being the patron got to choose a film for review; offering that and then not honoring that is kinda assholish, yanno?

      • True, but you can ask them to request something different if you feel unable to fulfil their first request (Kyle Kallgren’s Patreon explicitly states this).

    • Sometimes its good to have a change; it’s a surprise and can be really entertaining.
      Its kind of like when Diamanda reviewed one of those Land Before Time sequels or Bosco.

  4. Ah My Little Pony. I still don’t understand why its so popular with adults. Its a fine little show, but there’s nothing for adults outside of pop culture references. Its geared more for kids; notice how the ruling ponies are princesses, not queens. (Queens in kids movies equals evil) the colours are very bright (to the point of being a bit garish) and the plots are simple.

    This movie is, as you say, an extended episode. Friendship wins the day (blegh) and a shallow diva like villain gets her butt kicked by rainbows, sugar and plastic.
    The franchise is basically getting as many pony (or strangely haired human dolls) designs out there to make more plastic toys, or at least that’s what I get from it.

  5. Gross. I hate cute things that aren’t real. Puppies and kittens are fine, but not pastel horses.

  6. Huzzah! Being a pegasister, I quite like My Little Pony… however, Equestria Girls is awful. The amount of plot holes, mistakes, and stupidity present in this movie is just ridiculous. The entire premise is annoying and pointless, and what aggravates me most is how they changed basic aspects of the show (not just their forms) to support the change in target demographic. Key example being Twilight’s romantic subplot, which does NOT belong.

    I did find the review amusing though, especially since you pointed out a few flaws in the characters. To be fair, each of the Mane Six is a well-developed character that goes beyond their simple element. Twilight is a complex person, from her obsessive need to succeed to her geeky love of knowledge. Rarity is vain and greedy, yes, but she is very generous, as can be seen by how often she makes dresses for her friends just because she wants to be nice to them. Rainbow Dash and Applejack should honestly have their elements switched though.

    I do like the normal show though. Clever writing, good voice acting, amusing humor, interesting villains and characters, and nice songs. And sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a kids’ show, where you know that the hero will in fact win, and that in the end everything will turn out all right. A little optimism is nice in a world so dark and awful.

  7. I loved that you brought your father back as The Pony Man. I hope he’ll return for more reviews.

  8. Naked pictures of Mr. Mendo, eh? I gotta get me one of them!

  9. There is a sequel to this, but I found it to be forgettable. I would be shocked to see you review it, because I don’t see any point in doing so. It’s more of a hour long episode than a feature length movie, or at least I think it is. Oh, and the 100th episode confirmed that the brony with the hour glass is the Doctor. And in case if you’re wondering, there are some fan-made audio dramas that explains it.

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