Renegade Cunt- The Encounter: Jesus is an Eldritch Abomination

Too long, didn’t watch: Everything that occurs in a story featuring an omnipotent character must occur with (at least) that characters tacit approval.



  1. How about a review of the Russel T. Davis Jesus movie, The Second Coming, starring everyone’s favorite Doctor, Christopher Eccleston?

  2. Excellent video and well worth the wait! It probably won’t surprise you that my thoughts on the concept of an omnipotent god match yours in this regard – In the system proposed by the abrahamic religions, the entire game is rigged & rigid.

  3. My understanding of the trinity (from growing up in a christian household- my brother even went on to become a pastor) is that Jesus himself isn’t omnipotent/omniscient. God is, but Jesus is kinda sorta basically a human with a spiritual genetic memory (for lack of a better term) of being God before he was a human. Jesus inherits the awareness of who and what he is as well as the overarching “truth”, but he’s as limited in what he can comprehend at one time as any human is. His miracles (barring his resurrection) are basically stated to be enabled by having perfect faith, and any other human could do similarly if they believed similarly (such as miracles performed by apostles/saints). Though this is a bit cheating, since he doesn’t have faith, he actually straight up KNOWS: it’s only faith for us non-son-of-God schmoes who have to take his word for it.

    Jesus can (and biblically does) fail to convince some people, because, while he has a lot of insight into how humans operate, he doesn’t actually have total knowledge of every person like God does. Sometimes he does demonstrate special knowledge of someone, but it’s implied he’s being fed info by God on an as-needed basis (or with God’s omniscience in mind, was born knowing those bits in anticipation of those moments) rather than possessing all knowledge all the time himself.

    This is just nitpicking though. It does’t alter or invalidate the point you’re making, it just kicks the issues upstairs from Jesus to God. It can be very interesting in a not-sure-if-funny-or-creepy way to watch hard-core believers tie themselves in knots trying to come up with a logic by which God is both so all powerful he can literally re-write logic itself, yet somehow constrained into needing to allow free will, evil, lost souls etc.

    • Except in THIS FILM Jesus does know the different possible futures of the other characters (when he convinces the woman to break up with her fiance thats clear) so while most Christians wouldnt see this issue with Jesus, it still counts for this film.


      • Good point. That seems to be a very common problem with christian fiction in general. They happily apply more or less the same standard of accuracy to their own theology as JJ Abrams applies to science.

        The funny thing is, technically that’s heretical on their part. Like, actual proper real-world heresy. Flattering heresy, as long as you don’t really think about it, but still.

      • It’s an Evangelical thing, they often write the other two members of the Trinity out completely or reduce them to supporting characters.

  4. Wonderful video!

  5. Whenever a character have both omnipotence and purpose all conflicts become meaningless. When God is describe as all powerful the repetitive conflict between God and Satan is equivalent to a dice game where one of the players is aloud to place the dice in the position said player choose. The only reason for this king of game to continue for soo long have to be a separate end goal different of the stated one (win the dice game or the soul gathering game).
    So if the stated reason is morality, the non stated reason would probable be a moral conduct more relevant than ours that is irreconcilable to us as morality. Congratulations on the clever comparison. I never hear of it before.

  6. I´d rather say that not only jesus but the abrahamic god is an eldritch abomination, not necessary in a judging way- allpowerful but also no fucking idea of human morality. So shit it does might be oerceived as good or evil by human standards, but why should a, the god care about human standards^^

  7. The problem with the argument in this review, is that there IS no magic argument that will convince anyone of anything. Everyone does not have some mystical collection of words that someone can use to talk them into doing anything. The premise of that is just silly – it suggests that everyone was created with some sort of hypno/trance trigger words and you can get them to agree to anything if you use those magic words – even if those words are unique to each person. Think about it – even if you don’t believe in freewill, the premise of that idea is just silly (and ignores freewill which goes against the Bible).

    I imagine that the concept of: “there’s a magic argument to convince anyone of anything as long as you know the right words for each person” probably comes from the liberal/progressive philosophy that there are no bad people, all violence, whether wars or one person emotionally hurting another, is all the result of misunderstanding. Why this philosophy doesn’t hold water is because it fails to account for the fact that there are some people who simply choose to do wrong. Its not because they don’t know it wrong (for some people it sometimes is, but we’re not talking about those people here) its not because someone did not take the time to explained why its wrong, they knew it was wrong and they didn’t anyway – for whatever reason they rationalized it. Maybe it looked like fun, maybe everyone else was doing it, maybe they believed it was necessary in order for them to get whatever it was they wanted, maybe they just had to be “rebellious”, maybe their pride couldn’t stand the thought of being in the wrong so they couldn’t back down, maybe they’ve brought up to believe in something wrong (lifestyle/philosophy/other religion) and their identify is tied up in it that they can’t let go of it. Etc. Etc.

    Therefore is no argument that “Jesus” could use to MAGICALLY convince “Sting”. Because “God” had given “Sting” freewill and “Sting” choose to reject “Jesus”. Now yes, your argument was correct that “Jesus” would have already known that “Sting” would reject Him is correct, but the reason “Jesus” makes attempt (knowing its doom to fail) is because “Jesus” loves everyone, even “Sting” and so can’t help but try. This is no different then a loving parent trying for years to convince a wayward child to straighten their life, even those the child is full grown and has been ignoring their parent for years, the parent still loves them and still has to try even though anyone else would have just given up on the child. “Sting” hears “Jesus” argument, but rejects it, because that’s “Sting’s” right, the right of every human. Its not because “Sting” doesn’t truly believe “Jesus'” message, but “Jesus” message does not jive with whatever lifestyle “Sting” has chosen for himself, so he makes an emotional biased decision to reject “Jesus” – that way “Sting” can continue to lives his life the way he wants to instead of “Jesus'” way. So “Jesus” does NOT dam “Sting” to Hell, “Sting” like everyone else who rejects “Jesus” dams HIMSELF to Hell, by rejecting “Jesus”.

    I like the title, but the argument in the review was logically flawed – although I know, I know, its your show, so you can use whatever logic you want – you can tell I watched your Doctor Who reviews.

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