Crossovers- Winds of Change with Hewy Lewis.

In this episode, Hewy’s joined by the infamous Diamanda Hagan, as we take a look at an interesting film made in the late 70s based on Greek mythology, Winds of Change.



  1. So did anyone else look at the title and think “wait, the singer?” due to the time of year?

  2. Great crossover with a lot of really nice moments. I loved the idea of the stand-in minion, and Nicola did a great job with it. This is my first time seeing any of Hewy Lewis/Toonmore/this person’s work, and he seems rather competent. I’m also curious about how much of the writing for your character was his work, because it seems rather spot-on.

  3. This movie, especially the first section, looks like a bad take-off on an Osamu Tezuka story. It’s The Phoenix only written by morons.

  4. what an unusual movie. Some of the monsters look really cool, but the protagonists look really out of place; looking more like Astroboy rather than great heroes.

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