Special Review- Fuck

The documentary ‘Fuck’ is a fascinating piece of work about the word fuck.

This episode is dedicated to Happy Viking. Also, see how Omega came to live in the compound!



  1. I’m fucking excited about the future of the show now. While I still think that it’s a fucking shame that Robyn can’t be there all the time, adding Omega as “herself” brings a whole new dynamic that’s going to be fucking fun to watch. Also a fucking smart idea to give her a dedicated position. It provides some fucking structure.
    As for the review itself, it was a fucking tour de fucking fuckforce. Sure, not much of a review per se, but damn does it fucking work.

  2. I, um, fracking liked it, but I’m slightly confused about something. What happened in the background? Frak.

    • Omega was checking the security cameras and a thief broke in and started stealing stuff from a breakroom in the compound. Omega decided they must be PUNISHED and they were 🙂

      • Thank you! I kept trying to figure out how it related to the caption.

    • The caption was on the security camera, telling the one running the cameras which camera they were looking through. (Helps them keep track)

  3. Hagan saying “Fuck” = Modus operandi.
    Omega saying “Fuck” = Hilarious.

    FUCK! I should’ve written in earlier and requested a certain scene from S1 of The Wire.

  4. This was fucking great and gave me a good fucking laugh, which is something I realy fucking needed today! Thank you! 🙂

  5. You have a memorial room for Jew Wario? Someone needs to make an entry on your Crowning Moment of Heartwarming page immediately!

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