Special Review- Manborg

Hagan checks out Astron-6’s masterpiece mash-up, MANBORG! (and so should you)

If the Manborg review is blocked CLICK HERE!



  1. Huzzah! After tomorrow’s play rehearsal, I’ll be sure to enjoy it.

  2. It’s so… So beautiful.

    I think you really brought out what makes this movie work so wonderfully. And I think it’s a lot like what makes your show work, too – There is an unabashed love for the things that inspired it, and a gleeful willingness to not only make the most out of a an absurdly low budget. Even a certain pride in playing with the grit and grime.

  3. If you keep this up you’re going to run out of Roman Emperors. Also, Baron Munchausen? Yay! A reference I understood! And I think Hipster!Hagan looks like you’ve possessed Kyle again (that beard…)

    Finally: WHERE CAN I GET THIS?!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Baron Munchausen reference made me the happiest I have been all day.

  5. Awesome review as always. I loved this film, but my favourite part would have to be the Bio-Cop fake trailer.

    Hagan, have you seen Steven Kostanski’s ‘W is for Wish’ in ABCs of Death 2?

    • I deliberatly didnt talk about BioCop because I want people to experience it when they see the film 🙂

      And nope Iv not (yet). Saw clips and it looked great!

      • The film as a whole is a mixed-bag but Kostanski’s segment is easily one of the best and it ends with one of the darkest punchlines I think I’ve ever seen.

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