Backseat Critique- Unfriended

In the aftermath of Teddy and The Avatar of Decent Humours wedding Hagan, Omega and Robyn chose to see the skype-based horror ‘Unfriended’ (Which has only JUST been released here).


  1. Please congratulate Teddy and the Avatar for me!

  2. Yeah… If you want a decent new horror film you might want to see It Follows. I think Omega would like it since it demands that you look in the background of nearly every shot, although not for the d├ęcor (but that’s also worth a look).

  3. I’m curious about this image you guys seem to have of brazilians and where does it come from.

    • We said stuff about Brazilians? I cant remember.

      • Something about one character looking brazilian and if something was racist (I don’t think it was). The part that call my attention was a short description of physiology typically brazilian. I have no idea what was that all about and Was curious about the origin of that description. I really don’t know what kind of ideas about Brazil are common on Great Britain.

    • I dunno because (I’m fairly sure) I didn’t make the comment. Maybe dark haired and really attractive? Thats the only Brazilian stereotype I an think of. That and (usually) being good at football.

      • Thanks anyway.
        It’s nice the way you are responsive in the comments section. Sorry for taking soo long to respond to you.

  4. Great video!

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