Hagan reacts to the Jem trailer

Hagan is excited to see the first trailer for her upcoming biopic.



  1. Wow, that “FUUUU” shriek at the end is horror movie stuff.

  2. They didn’t even use the theme song.

  3. Where’s the 80sness? ­čś« the hair isn’t crazy enough and the songs are nasty sounding :p

  4. Your screen is on the wrong side of your computer.

    • Thats not the screen, I just put a video copy on the other side so you’d have something to look at while I watched.

  5. No Misfits,no goofy 80s-ness. No actual holograms… That could possibly be the most generic thing I’ve ever seen, and yet not generic enough to be note-worthy. Somehow.

  6. I was trying so hard to go along with this; I was all like okay its not for me but someone might get some enjoyment out of it. ¡Then they put in the generic fame will change you story and i flipped my desk! I loved the response though so i guess there some good to come form it.

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