Hagan Reviews Season 6 Trailer.

The season will begin after Left Behind 3.

Including: Vijendraya Varma, Slow Torture Puke Chamber, C Me Dance, Never too Young to Die, Hookers in Revolt, Death Games, Actium Maximus: War of the Alien Dinosaurs, Sugar High Glitter City, Ravenous and The Adventures of Mark Twain.


  1. It’s not the cyborg death circus I look forward to the most, it’s the Adventures of Mark Twain. It’s the one I’ll have to wait the longest for, but doesn’t anticipation well spice the meal?

  2. *vibrates in anticipation*

  3. Eeee…I can’t wait. I’m kind of disappointed in myself, having only seen one of the films on the list.

  4. An interesting list to say the least. I was waiting to see when Never Too Young To Die (which I saw on VHS as a kid) was going to be on the show. I say this as I remember many hints dropped throughout your reviews.

    I can’t wait to see what you do with The Adventures of Mark Twain (another movie from my childhood). Bravo, Mistress!

  5. Hey Diamanda,

    Glad to have found this site. I recently started watching your reviews on YouTube after seeing your crossover with the Nostalgia Critic on Heavy Metal. Your reviews of the 8th Land Before Time, Zombeak with Jewwario (RIP), and Worst Witch had me almost laugh out loud at work. Of course some of the movies you reviewed like the Ilsa She Wolf of the SS just scared me. I was frozen thinking “What did I just see?”, “Why can’t I move?”, “Why would someone find SS Nazis torture sexy?”, and “This is way move disgustingly insulting to the people who actually suffered and died in the camps.” I can see why it pissed you off. I haven’t seen all of your reviews but hope to see more. Anyway, look forward to the new season. Take care and God bless.

    • Glad you found (and more importantly) enjoy the show! Yeah, Ilsa is… special..

  6. I thought you were going to review the trailer for season 6. Why? Because the title to this page looked like it said that. Btw, I’m really looking forward to your review of C Me Dance, and the epic conclusion (from you, not the movie) of the Left Behind movies!

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