Special Review- Left behind 3: World at War

Hagans years long battle with the Left behind series comes to an end… OR HAS IT?! (No. Fucking remake.. )



  1. Great work once again! The performance is really strong in this – Although that may also be the closer camera angle which allows us to see it better.

  2. Is Buck going to be one of your new minions on your hand? I would love to see him return.

    I never cared enough to watch any of these Left Behind movies. Christians in the tribulation really defeats the purpose of the rapture from the first movie. If you want my idea of an end times movie, how about you have the end times revealed as a plot twist at the end of the movie. Throughout the whole movie, you don’t know that the world is in the tribulation until the second coming.

    • There’s a movie called ‘Leap’ which is about Christian parkour and bible studies which reveals in the last scene that their in the tribulation (by having the un-previously mentioned antichrist take control of the world in the last scene). Its…. not good.

      • So I have a chance to come up with a better movie. No, Zack Lawrence is a film maker. he should do a better job at that than Leap. No, even better. He should do a review of Leap!

      • I might have Zack Lawrence review that one, is that the one where a bunch of teenagers come to the conclusion the pope is the anti-christ? And more importantly do you think it would make good review?

  3. Something else this has in common with the Apocalypse movies, THERE’S NO F**KING CONCLUSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is there any End Times film which gets to the bit with the Second Coming, or are their budgets so tight they never risk it?

    And now I want an End Times movie with Jesus and the Antichrist fighting each other with flaming swords while they’re both walking on a lake to compensate for the absence of a climax from any of the others. And then they decide to stop fighting, kill each other’s dads and let humanity continue as is… I think I just described Bible fanfiction, what’s wrong with me?

    • To be fair Rapture belief and even Dante’s Inferno can be described as Bible fanfiction too 🙂

      • ÂżWould that make the book of Mormon the biblical equivalent of Fifty Shades of Grey?

    • If there are more big budget, well that’s not the right phrase, if there are more any budget rapture movies like the new Left Behind you might get your wish, but I think the Omega Code 2 basically killed all prospects of a movie depicting Armageddon for quite a while after it was made. That said we need more Brian Trenchard Smith end times movies.

  4. It really says something about those anti-vax nutters when Left Behind of all things say that vaccinations are a good thing

    • I’m pretty sure this predated anti-vax catching on in the American right wing if it were made today the vaccines would be infected and make teenage girls promiscuous and the bibles would pray the autism away.

  5. As a huge fan of action movies, seeing the director of Action Jackson, I Come in Peace and Stone Cold reduced to making Kirk Cameron films breaks my heart.

  6. I’m excited about The Adventures of Mark Twain review!

  7. yes, role on Will VInton claymation I wrote my own christiansploitation disaster but the email i sent it is filled with trivia facts unrelated. A William Cantrell worked on Walk the Line, and Artistree’s Red river ode by Corby Doler/Corey Hammett who know my mate Patrick McGahern’s friend James Sizemore, and Alan Alda’s Same time next year. Bill Swan – in John f Kerr.Dan Corrigan/Shirley Clemens’s Arbor Daze – the same guys behind Weenie Roast Massacre/Love and Plutonium for Bloody-disgusting.com Another John Kerr was in Lady in A Cage, in 1950s’ Men of Annapolis and a doc for ONion Av.Screen Archy/Guitterez Sergler’s Desert Cathedral star Keenan Johnson knows my friends JD Ayers and Jason Devaun’s friends ROCK “Emma AND I” Chang and DOA’s Craig Deluz, and my friend Christian Gantt knows a Keenan Johnston. Roger Corman star John Kerr and Canadian filmmaker John Ker. George Butiri/Tom Bibby (not Tim Bibby, the UK director of Defdfires) worked on Crops, Alone and FIrsthand Encounter – films which though US -seem to be shot partly in UK judging by British Horror revival starlet Zara Phythian, not the work of UK-associated Canuxploitation director Tyson Lenz/Tony Bibby (Vacant, Lola Against the Galaxy with Corrina Cornforth of After the Wolf/Christopher Lambert’s 10 days in a Madhouse). A Chris Bibby worked on short Laguardia Bound with Michael Hutson, Jeff Herman, Pixar’s Michelle Simons and my friend Heather Dorff’s friend Raymond Sofia – star of sword and sorcery fare the Just, Forgiveness, Max Anderson Private Eye. 10 Days in a Madhouse may be partly set in the UK and is recommended to those who like a film with Paul Sorvino, a UK cartoon remake of Hunting the Snark, a Bollywood film, one of the Crusty Demons motorcyclist docs, Searchmytrash’s Hilbilly Horror Show and Amateur Pornstar Killer, Mondodigital’s Styria, Turk scifi Gizem Birimi, UKhorrorscene’s Another World/House of Good and Evil, Mythica, Lincolnshire BHF Hollow, Ozploitation Ethan Tang’s Wolf Attack, Israeli doc Checkpoint and Rape Story by Felix Arno (of Dailydead.com’s Fiend Fatale and Amber in the Shadows with West Rodri & Horrornews’ Tara Dane). Rape Story starred Sam Kaplan, Mad Max’s Chris Dwyer, Bianca Rollins and Andrew Megison who worked on Father-Like-Son/Bobcat Boys with Mac Alsfeld who knows SImon Rumley’s friend Brian Netto. It is not 1992’s a Story of Date Rape with the only credits of Kevin White, Senait, Tamara Johnson, William A Sheridan, Veronica Flynn, plus Peter Marmentini (Jim Caviezel’s Madison, Chris Atkins’ Deadly Delusions and Softcore porn director Rafe Portillo’s work), Polly Blanchard (Doogie Houser, Shawn A Harris’ short Star Quality with Tarzan’s Jamie Ray Newman) and Gary Graver star Johnny Gardella – who was in Gods of Accident by David “KTLA TV’s Grove Holiday Tree” FIschette/Jayme Laforest with Winter Rose/Amanda & the Guardian’s Randa Nelson – who knows Anna Elizabeth James – a friend of my cousin Lydia Mulvey. Randa Nelson’s Amanda and the Guardian has bad photoshop. The odd title comes to mind, eg Fantastic Tales of the Unknown, an interesting, seemingly unreleased horror with a British director and some money. In the mould of Astron 6, it features Lincoln’s Michael Ruff, Dreadcentral starlet Mahri Shelton and Linda Guth whose made Christian films with Punisher/King Kong Lives’ Bonnie Cook, and Eric “Mr. Halle Berry” Benet. The makers made such films as Neato Mosquito, Palmetto Haunting and the Strange and Unusual with late period Tobe Hooper starlet Christy Johnson and actors from the likes of the Vampire Diaries and Adrian Paul starrer Eyeborgs. Co-director Micah Troublefield is friends with the likes of Brian Ackley and Isaac Weeks and Maurice Nix, all of whom seem to be friends like me with Drew “Moriarty” McWeeny and critic JR Kinnard. The directors’ film Neato Mosquito features a Jim McDonald, not the Coronation Street character but an Asylum fx guy and apparently in a short film with Eastenders’ Sid Owen and Night Whispers, directed by Bobby Canipe Jr, producer of the superb doc Adjust your Tracking. Neato also starred Funny Or Die’s Kitty Crystal Lonneberg (also in John Wick Part Two) and work by Marvel PA Gene Michael Smith (also behind Jon Bon Jovi’s Pucked and Danny Glover’s Gospel Hill http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2094744/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ql_1 (AmILive) is a regional texan horror by Minoan Temple’s Half of Twenty Two’s Thomas Henning (who may or may not know my friend Robert Shearman’s friend Allison Croggon), Heather Grein (of Broken Promise with Happy Days’ Erin Moran and the Falling Man with 50 Cent costar Luis “Keeping Up With the Downs” Rolon) and Peter Averack and Denisse Sada both behind Demetrius Navarro’s Gone Hollywood with Fernando Carillo and Erin Brockovich’s Valente Rodriguez and a short with Averack’s brother Kyle. Half of Twenty Two, about Eleven year old Mildred is by giant Flemish rabbit collector/director of Stephen Baldwin’s Run and Girls of St. Joan, Laralee List,. It features Marisa Hampton who was in Run, Eric Roberts’ the Reliant and Nut Cracker by my friend Amy Seimetz’s pal So Yong Kim. Hampton knows my friend Christopher Sheffield, and is not Marissa Chanel Hampton – of TV’s Scandal, Mr. Moji, What Dreams Mae Come, America Votes and my friend Nick Clement’s favourite Second City web thing Undateabale First Strike’s Mark French made Mantis, the nly film of Sage Baggott, Stephanie a Gardner and good critic Marcia Gagliardi and Mummy FX man Gary Coates. there are shorts called bitch (with a red black and white gialloish cover) and the pack by the mary sue website fan culture supremos Teresa Jusino and Alex Chancey who know my friend Hayden Black. Keitel worked with another black comic – Ronda Fowler in Clockers. Fowler, a BET regular worked with a Andrew Rottkamp on her show Single Black mama. Several films called Gordon including shorts by Variety’s Tiffany Shlain, a film about Gordon Parks by Ryan Unruh, Canadian short Miranda and Gordon, Alex Cross’ Jocelyn Rouieheb’s Gordon and the Man, Cosmonauts’ Anthony Sabatino’s Gordon and Plankton Cosmonauts featured Hulu Rocketjump’s Ashim Ahuja,An Anthony Sabatino worked on Soul Train, Maxim Media’s When Heaven Comes Down, and as composer on BAFTA LA’s Jesse Stewart’s Mt Molehill,O. Wilberforce’s Carnival of Crime with my friend Jon Stien’s friend Jude Morran (Openings, the Highway House, the Low Life, Persons Unknown) and Campus Cops with my friend Jon Stien/Brian Beegle’s friend Mitchell Moran, Alex Brisson, Chuck Fiorella and Kayla King and Brian K Nelson Alex Brisson knows Mark Grove, my friend Mike Malloy’s friend. A Brian K harvey worked with my friend Michael Haberfelner’s Kyle Mecca and David Skato. Beantown – the name of three films, one with Jason Biggs and one with Kristen Savage (Red Dead Redemption fan film) and Tim “the Supermarket” Norman, Randy Paradis, Sean Fowler, Arrow script editor Keto Shimizu and John Wick editor Dean Morizan. The third is a short with Ryan Coleman, Johnny Landers, Brian K LANDIS, Alex Rafala, my friend Jamal Elston’s friend Andy Karstetter and Shad Armstrong and Mill Creek’s Kevin Hershberger. The Initiate is the name of two British short films, one by Richard Ward and Doctor Who’s Sean Knopp, another by my friend Jay Burleson’s friend TJ McClannahan starring Harrison Stone and Nicholas Willis, and one by David E Yee of Fruitvale Station and Kitty and Derrick Wong (of Dreality, Downfall and Dragon Medal). There’s also an upcoming feature called the Initiate by the team of Operation Milkstorm’s Jack Christophe, Bob Simons, Peter Russel and Brad Michael (not the guy in my Filmmakers group but a friend of my friend Pearry Teo’s pal April Bogenshutz), and a 90s Singa home entertainment release of that name. Dragon Medal was by Matthew Fuller who knows my friend Chad Kaplan’s friend Carl Schreiber, Pearry Teo’s pal Laura Jean Mummert and Jody and Brenton Rossi/Andrew Vicente/Winnie Schrader. Dragon Medal featured Waynee Leonard and Anya Bykova (Agony, Untitled Screenplay, Butter) who knows Hired Help/Bandana Chronicles’ Nathan Hemmens, a friend of Fangoria associate Julin Jean. Dragon Medal also stars Steve Tanabe (like Jim TavarĂ©, a friend of Elena Altman). Tanabe was in some Asylum/Screen Media movies, Tom Sizemore’s Hunting Season and Forest of Eden by Chen Dubrin with Cameron Mark Lewis, Ran Wei, Scotty and Sandra Dee (my friend JR Kinnard’s friend – not the 60s actress). Nathan Hemmens was also in Wounded Eye’s Cafe Forte with Olivia Lauletta of Accepted and Xan Cassavettes’ Kiss of the Damned. Derrick Wong also knows Michael Marinucci, who worked on Comfort Zone, I Won’t Give Up and Michael Perez’s Before Tigers with Tony Sommers – who knows my friend Jessica Cameron’s friend David Lockhart. Lily Chai worked in Spain, on videogames, on the Mummy’s Kiss, Canada’s Tastebuds/America’s Greatest Otaku and Vancouver’s the Invisible Dog. Mary Chauvin appeared in the Road Goes On/ITN’s the Poltergeist of Borley Forest, my friend Keith L Hall knows a Hillary Chauvin, a Fiona Chauvin was in French TV’s the Purge. A Lily Chai appeared in TV’s Passions, the Racewalker, and my friend Heather Dorff’s friend David Rountree’s Will of Power. A Lilah appeared in Scott Swan’s Big Junior, (reviewed by my friend Mike McPadden’s site Severed Cinema) a Lilian Chang in the Stream with Christopher Gorham, Parks and Recreation’s Lilian Bowden, Spain’s Liliana Cano R Lee Ermey’s Jericho’s Liliana Garza Terry Jones’ Liliana Gane the Brave One’s Laila Liliana Garro, Singapore actress MS Liliana Gan Terror Train’s Liliana Peeva. Uruguyan actress Liliana Chao Vince (Kate Mara’s Chappaquiddick) Tycer and Liliana Chan of short Shine Liliana of Poland’s Hugo Rey and Shannon Tweed’s Dead Sexy Hispanic actresses Liliana Garcia The Austrian Alps – 1952, mountaineer Lars Yodlafsson and his daughter Inga come across the Frankendaal resort, buried in snow for ten years. They crawl in through an open window. It is empty, preserved in aspic since it was attacked by the RAF, yet has miraculously survived. They are welcomed by a small rattish butler, Klaus who tells them they are at the new year’s party of Gottscheid Von Hister, a German shipping magnate. They try to escape but the bomb hits again and they are snowed in – trapped forever… 1975 – A flight from Vienna to New York flies over the Austrian Alps. ON board is recently widowed Viennese born concentration camp survivor Esther Zonnifeld, her son David and David’s German girlfriend Martina (who have just scattered the ashes of Esther’s husband/David’s father – Manny), the elderly British spinster Miss Primrose, African preacher Lionel N’Dangi, the alcoholic American businessman Andrews (only known by his surname), Pierre (a French lothario travelling to Paris), retired British Army war hero Colonel IWQ Braithwaite, loudmouth American war veteran Boylietti and his daughter Theresette, film actress Posey, stewardess Lynne, CIA man Ballantyne and his MI6 partner Rutledge. The ship sees a flash, only to mysteriously crash. The wing has been destroyed by gunfire. They have been shot down but by whom. The Captain and Rutledge are killed, They wander for a few miles, Miss Primrose dying of hypothermia. THey eventually come across a resort – Frankendaal, snowed under. They walk in and discover it is empty, only for midnight to strike.They are welcomed by the Yodlafssons, who are locked in an eternal new year’s eve party with theVon HIsters. We also learn the plane contained secret stash of plutonium Andrews and RUtledge were guarding. We discover midnight is the “flesh-time”, the time eddy allowing the trapped to resume life. The plutonium detonates, and frees the surviving crash-survivors. I also wrote some abandonec KIc-Ass/KIngsman notes for some reason. The Bernie of Dinlir – a very tacky stage, like a 1970s Eurovision Song Contest or Brucie-era “Generation Game”, a freckly red-haired American girl, BRIDIE – in a green and orange dress, a tacky Oirish garment, perhaps with augmentations of tartan, being interviewed, tears of joy in her eyes, holding a big bouquet in a silver pot. She is interviewed by a man, PEADAR – a grubby-faced man, fat, round, in an orange wig – looks like Stratford Johns in the film of “George & Mildred”. Dinlir – a strange place – it is surrounded by beautiful fields – the freshest fields one has seen since Anton Rodgers and Julia Mackenzie, but the beaches bordering the fields are horrid and rugged, more like Iwo Jima than anywhere in Ireland. We see a pub and combined undertaker’s, a corner shop, two or three bed and breakfasts, a kebab shop and a more generalised takeaway. In the background is the Bernie of Dinlir venue, “the Pyramid”, a huge green, white and orange temporary pyramid coated in green, white and orange wax over a wooden skeleton and thin wooden board-walls. Eggsy grabs the makeup kit, and starts to apply some on his face. MERLIN: Is that makeup? EGGSY: Yeah, my mum taught me. MERLIN: And the wig? EGGSY: Dunno. One of the Bernies is bald? Found it here. HIT-GIRL: Where is this? KICK-ASS: Hell? HIT-GIRL: No really? KICK-ASS: I don’t know. I saved this old Puerto Rican guy’s cat and he invited me to dinner. HIT-GIRL: Did he say he was Puerto Rican? KICK-ASS: No. HIT-GIRL: So how do you know he’s Puerto Rican? KICK-ASS: He looked it, sounded it. HIT-GIRL: In my experience, the folk who sound Puerto Rican are never Puerto Rican. VARGAS: So Mr. KIck-Ass? KICK-ASS: Please call me? VARGAS: We don’t wall you divulging your secret identity, do we? KICK-ASS: Can Katie Ross made a British short called United World, with an Alex Needham who was in another short by Ross. An Alex Needham worked for NME and appeared in Huffington Post’s gay webseries Impossibilties. Another Alex Needham was in Black Hole in the Kitchen, a film by my friend Doug Phillip’s friend Bobby Marsen’s mate Elliot Eustis (Darcy, Little Sister, Big Cityjos). This same Needham directed documentary Brenda vs Bambi (the only credit of Rick Dingmann and Brenda Ingersoll) and was in Dreadcentral’s Luke Brown’s Telltale Heart and THE FILMS OF Monique Ashton (eg Stumble, Beasts of the Earth, Ashton is a friend of Stephen Nemeth who knows my friend Alan Brooks) alongside Dailydead.com favourite Hellyfish’s Lillian Masie. Marblehead is the name of a film with Shanna Becker and Asylum star Richard Lounello (in 4th Man out with Glee’s Chord Overstreet)– and another film called Marblehead with Toolbox Murders 2’s Erin Blaisdell, CliffordLee, Razorwire Pictures and Chicago Dracula/Star Trek Generations’ Christopher James Miller, not the NFL/Gone in 60 Seconds/Kingsman bloke DOes anyone besides my mum remember Cher being a nightmare on Wogan promoting Mermaids (written by Paddy Dann of Susan Sarandon’s Something Short of Paradise) The new Man from UNCLE is very vanilla, and the two leads are charisma vacuums. A David Menkin has been in a noir short by Madtv writer BRAD KAAYA, the Man from Uncle and ALien ABduction by the ludicrously named Leroy Hedgepeth, a friend of my Kelsey ZUlowski Troma made a film with John Clyne not the Gangsters actor Good to see Len Kabasinski mentioned on tvcream. He’s a FB friend and knows people with the brilliant names of Bettina Skye and her friend Stacy Weckstein. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2903548/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Parliamo Italiano is the name of a short by Yarra “RIngo” Sumerak – http://www.ioncinema.com/news/film-festivals/shults-krisha-hellers-teenage-girl-haynes-safe-part-of-8th-wassaic-project-film-fest, with Michelle Sims (the Mysteries of Laura), star of Insidious, by X Files’ Jerry Schram and Kristen Lewis (from I Origins and Left Unsaid by INdiewire’s Nelson George) and Allie Schulz, of Sam and the Grease reality TV. Sam featured Stacy Keach, Sean Kleir, Brett McCaffrey, Natalie Knepp and Tom “Turtle Island” Pelphrey. Keach was in Luther – with Robert Stephens, so it all connects. Pelphrey is seemingly involved in this http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1251740/?ref_=tt_rec_tti, as well as the work of Robocop 2’s Michael Medeiros, not the Canadian actor, not the one in, or Steve Buscemi’s Parting Glances or a John Kerry documentary. ANother perennial was the work of the National Film Board of Canada, of people like Rick KLassen, Norman McClaren, documentaries, animations, anything that’d fill the schedule. Iron Man 2 features a Liam O’Donnell, but not the NI actor or the interviewwee of my friend Mike Haberfelner’s pal Loren “Dark Military” Lepre’s doc Pennsylvania Hardcore. You can always spot actors. One time I was sat upon an old man on a train. He had a very actorly pose, and look to him. I asked what he worked as, “retired actor”, he replied. “Your name?” “Wesley Murphy.” I then realised he had been in the Sweeney, Churchill’s People, Danger Man, etc but is not Nashville’s Wes Murphy. IMDB confuses William Moore’s filmography with another William Moore and says he stars as a black gang member in the 1998 post-apocalyptic race-riot movie Enemy. One of the film’s stars though, Mark Webb was in a film with Kenneth Cranham who was in Coronation Street with William Moore. http://www.imdb.com/search/title?release_date=1990,2005&title=enemy&title_type=feature,video Here it is not here http://www.imdb.com/search/title?release_date=1990,2005&title=enemies&title_type=feature,video Weirdly, Take A Letter Mr. Jones’ DVD/video was released by Questar who specialise in Christian family movies eg the Little Heroes films, Coyotes 1999, Small Miracles with Ian Bannen. Sir Lenworth did produce Neverwhere. I was into Who by 4, got out of it by 8, so fell out of it in the Wilderness Years, was back into it by 11, knows who Pearson is – he’s an artist of fan art, David Burton is a nutter and local radio personality who likes like Richard Harris and thought he was the Doctor, Gary Leigh was a fan and head of DWB 1/3, then. My friend Chris Eilenstine knows Nicole “Doll Collector” Oliva, an actress of Even Later with Salvatore Rizzo (not the Al Sharpton cohost or star of Hey Mickey by GLAAD winner Geoff Callan), Oliva does a great Romana cosplay. He claimed a Richard Kell directed him in an episode of Only Fools and Horses, but the only Richard Kell in TV has worked in US TV’s 60 minutes and one of those sky car shows. there are shorts called bitch (with a red black and white gialloish cover) and the pack by the mary sue website fan culture supremos Teresa Jusino and Alex Chancey who know my friend Hayden Black. Keitel worked with another black comic – Ronda Fowler in Clockers. Fowler, a BET regular worked with a Andrew Rottkamp on her show Single Black mama. Sampson no relation to Zombie Flesh Eaters’ James Sampson – not the James Sampson who knows Chris Notarile and director of Pigskins (not the Aussie short of the same name or the film by my friend Jake Hammond, with Pablo GOnzalez, Isabella Groff and Isadora Leiva)? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1542023/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_1 THis UK short seems to be a homage// Sissy Spacek’s nephew Mark made a Waterloo Sunset too with London to Brihton’s Marianne Maniwhatschamacallitis and PAUL Murphy. The Animals of Farthing WOod was early 90s. I preferred Noah’s Island, it’s followup with Ron Moody as a polar bear. Another thing that is kiddified a lot is Peter Pan. One of the more adult adaptations of Peter Pan is the webseries the new adventures of Peter and Wendy as seen on tubefiltertv which only gets minus points like several Canadian series for using the phrase boom goes the dynamite http://www.imdb.com/find?q=boom%20goes%20the%20dynamite&s=tt&ref_=fn_tt_pop like CBS’ Tosh.0, andthe work of AJ Bitner and Pablo Gunner who know cosplayer Dennis Cox, a friend of Bob Mitsch – who knows Andrew Cartmel. It’s a small world. It is proper adult animation, not the “adult” stuff of Brittney Q Hill of Kartoon Management’s webseries by Lionel Richardson. Hill is a friend of my friend Dawna Heising’s friend Aaron King. Lionel also worked on Cartoon Hookups with PLayboy’s Raquel Pomplun, and have been criticised on fb by a religious nut called Clay M Malia Miller, not the nFL guy or the star of History’s History Quest and the Last Sentinel. My friend Bennett Jones’ friend Bear Badeaux of the short “Tapeworm” which featured my friend CHris Hadley’s caddishly named friend TRavis Champagne, so yes cads still exist. My friend trent Harris worked with McKinney on a short film and then with a lookalike- Natalie Paige Willison was in Terrestrial, THE FAMILY THAT PREYS tOGETHER AND Templar Nation and the Masonic Map – with a Chase Hoffman. Thank you. It’s something I’ve waited for all my life. Roll on the braw laffs! Cabbages and Kings is also the name of several foreign films, and a short by Randy Warshaw, Andy Sydor and Anthony Augello, a friend of my friend Velvet Rhodes’ pal Mark Musto (not Jay Leno’s Matthew Musto), and made by Billy Marshall Jr, a friend of David Zen Mansley a friend of my friend C Courtney Joyner. BIlly Marshall jr has a split imdb, but his orther short wth James Mira – AMaranth is part of my friend Elias Ganster’s Sparrow film project. http://www.imdb.com/find?ref_=nv_sr_fn&q=cabbages+and+kings&s=all I often merge films in my head -eg Joe Estevez’ Rockville Slayer and the Gainesville Ripper with my friend David “Severin Films” Gregory’s friend Josh Townsend and Teresa Arnold Simmonds Then again I also confused the woprk of the director of Mrs Death and the Crow fanfilm Crow 1999, Jack Williams -who codirected films such as Evil Deeds 2 with my friend Hank Braxtan, confused as they featured a James Gammon but not the James Gammon. There’s a Jackson Barlow – flaming lips doc maker, worked on David Ogden Stiers’ together again for the First Time, Tempe’s Project Valkyrie and Cop Car’s Andrew Hasse’s Elf Help. The weird thing is that there are several companion pieces – its fellow Paramount Family Matinees, such as the similar in tone Jacques Demy Pied Piper with Donovan,the Mike Henry Tarzans, Tony Randall Ivan Tors picture Hello Down There, Sammy Going South, the weird Spanish-Irish-German-British Tigon-Harry Alan Towers coproduction ofBlack Beauty with Patrick Mower as a sadistic toff and the Wishing Machine – not the Mormon short on imdb of that name with Noah Sunday and David A Skousen who worked on short Flight from Shadow, Koan’s Bernie Diamond film the Letter Writer, Joseph Smith religious films or Pitch White – Inspired Guns with my one-time friend Alix Taulbee. Three Joe Cornelius – one in Trog, Oh Marbella! and one a documentarian – who worked on ESPN’S When the King Held Court with Palmer “Holding On” Horton. A Sandy Kenyon worked on Twilight, War and Remembrance, the Oscars, the Onion Movie, and on CNN. Broadway star Anne Rogers, Chomps’ Dinah Anne Rogers and An Elizabeth Anne Rogers -who knows my friend Joel Wynkoop’s friend Motown Maurice. A John Newcombe was in Omen 2, not the tennis player and not the guy behind Best Man in Grass Creek for the Heartland Film Festival with Megan Mullaly and Grace Hines. David Schott – one works for DC comics, one for Natgeo and one was in a Shirley Jones TVM. Zoombies’ JOe Conti, Men in Black’s Joseph Conti, FIlipino star Jospeh Conte, Winds of War’s Joseph Conte, the Weird Science actor, and the producer of the documentary Last Great Circus Flyer starring Iron Man suntman.stunt ace Richard Gaona (not Ricky Gaona who made films such as short Acht with Metrodome film producer/director Ernst Gosnner), and the composer of the Goosehill Gang, a 1980 short with Little House’s Allison Balson… http://www.imdb.com/find?q=joe%20conti http://www.imdb.com/find?q=joe%20conte A Joe Conte worked on the Frozen ground with NIcolas Cage, Dan FOgler’s Marconi Bros, the producer of Canada’s Kid’s Town, plus various people involved Scott Shaw and Donald G Jackson’s Superhero Central, a podcaster and star of Archie Black – the Worst with Jay Mohr, and Joseph Meli’s Rotten Luck, a short with wrestler Mario Bokara and one Joe Conte with an empty listing. Meli also worked on short – Checkmate – Keep Your Enemies Closer with Peter Greene, Manny Perez, WIlliam Sadler and Frederico Castellucio. A Maurice Evans (not the Planet of the Apes star) worked on Jetix’s princess Sissi and AIB Networks Living SImply with Candace Burney and docs by my friend Mike Kayton’s pal Marquis Smalls and Cas SIgurs Beedles who knows my friend MIke Malloy’s friend Autumn Essie Bailey Ford. AIB Network is Atlanta Interfath Broadcasters headed by Audrey Galex, who knows my friend jeremiah Kipp’s friend pearl Gluck and Czerney Lee Miller who knows my friends Velvet Rhodes and Peter Kane. http://www.imdb.com/find?ref_=nv_sr_…ce+evans&s=all A Maurice Evans also worked on Canadian Tv, eg on Love and Larceny (not the short by my friend Chris Hadley’s pal JUstin Mapes) and Friday the 13th the series, and on 12 years a slave. PBS’ Aubrey Daniels and the Mentalist’s Aubrey Daniel, not the actor in Mumbai Chopra with Orange is the New Black’s Germar Terrall Gardner. And Audrey Daniels of Michael J Roberts’ Artifact with Star Trek’s Ashley Edner and Audrey Daniel who worked with my friend ANthony Pedone’s friend pinball arist Wade Krause and my friend Mitchell ALteri’s friend Don Starnes on pinball shorts. THere are several films called Artifact. http://www.imdb.com/find?ref_=nv_sr_fn&q=artifact&s=tt James Mason is in Neighbours THere’s two Peter Graveses The whole Michael Douglas/Keaton thing and then MIchael Keating from Blake’s 7 The actress Anna Elizabeth Kendrick (who appeared in What Happens in Vegas) had to use her middle-name when the other actress with the same name came about. I was initially startled to read the Horrornews.net review of a low low budget film starring Kendrick only to realise it was another Kendrick. Actors called Roger Moore and Tom Jones have done softcore porn. http://www.imdb.com/search/title?titl… APp. there is a short called Wonky Will – by brandon Bartkowiak and Matthew Meriam – who made the likes of the Tin God starringUnderground film journal favourite MIchael McCallum (of BItes the Werewolf Chronicles by fanzine fave Kevin LIndenmuth) and Cold Reading, In another celebrity namesake, there’s an Asylum movie directed by the director of Trollhunter, starring a Frances Black not the Irish singer. THis Black also appeared in a film directed by one Raymond Asante, another with Christian movie star David De Vos and Robinson Crusoe on Mars’ Victor Lundin and a film by BIlly Mendieta, whose films include a Christian movie about a beardless santa played by another odd celebrity name – Joe Greco, one of the guard out of the 1987 Untouchables ()his name only odd because he shares it with the actor who was the scarecrow in CITV’s Wizadora and US Tv persona Joey Greco) Deathrow gameshow’s Jon St James, not the sound man on videos for band the Matches, or in Return of the Living Dead or Shauna O’Brien’s the Seductress. SUb ROsa Studios’ Tim Kelso and Star Wars’ Tom Kelso. NASA’s Bob Kelso and silent star robby kelso Horror Channel’s Michael Mckiddy appeared in a film with an actress called Tyler Corben who sounds like a 90s straight to video action star. Jeopardy contestant and Prisoner star Sandy Gore Is Vincent Chianese in that 1980s film with Ray Liotta and Tom HUlce any relation to Dominic “Uncle Junior” Chianese? A Steve Bevilacqua worked for Orion, Troma/LLoyd Kaufman’s the STreets run red and the Asylum – the latter’s imdb split into two, miscrediting another for doing work on Bikepath. A Marcus Huber worked on German short the Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam, as well as the various Mark Hubers. A Mark Huber worked on ABC Afterschool Specials, the Boy Next Door – http://www.gaycelluloid.com/search/512.htm, a Marc Huber on Swiss short Der Atlant, and Swiss short South of Hope Street with Stargate’s Giannin Loffler and Mafia videogame voice Barry O’Rourke, and then there’s a Mark HUber who knows Chris Notarile’s friend Wesley Green and worked on IMperium with Daniel Radcliffe and Leonardo Warner’s Madhouse Mecca with David Keith and Owen Palmiotti. Another Mark Huber worked on Beneath the Crawlspace with my friend Tony Newton’s friend Luke Ostrowski and Karen M Chan and Gary Martin – not the British voice actor. http://www.imdb.com/find?q=mark%20hu…&ref_=fn_nm_ex Several German Markus Hubers too including one on a German short with Adrian Brooks (one of several) of the various Cityv San Diego TV series such as Christopher Badger’s Live at Studio 16, and On the Set with Judy Kerr (a friend of my friend Doug Phillips) and Mckenzie Coffee – a friend of my friend Elias Ganster. Emergency Ward 10’s Christopher Witty and the OLympian of the same name. In the Heat of the Night’s Tony Kelso General Hospital’s James Westmoreland shares his name with a motorcyclist and the writer of Morehorror’s Haddie and Tuckerman. PBS’ Ken Wylie and 1940s western person – Ken Wylie – despite separate imdbs, they may be the same guy as might be one 1940s person called Kenneth Wiley. A Ken WIley worked on the Simpsons, short the Caravan with Fangoria staple Clint James, and another Ken Wiley worked on short Alex Venino with Dreadcentral/Morehorror staple Art Roberts, cop show spoof Cain and Abel with Sons of Anarchy’s Sarah Jones, and the short Lament with Klatann Thomas of Black Dragon, 13 Dead men, Lori Petty’s RIchard III and the quietearth.us-slated Zombie Farm – recognised in my friend RIk BIllock’s friend Peter Dendle’s encyclopaedia of zombies – which I recommend. It’s on google books. My friend DOug Phillips’ friend Kellie Koppel worked on Sub City with Rui Nunes who has four separate imdb listings, due to working otherwise entirely in Brazil, not the film Sub in the Brick City by my friend Chris Notarile’s friend Jose Hernandez jr’s friend Crystal deniro Simmons or the doc Subcity by Kevin D’Haeze and October Moore of Wii Fit fame. http://www.imdb.com/find?q=david+malonado&s=nm&exact=true&ref_=fn_nm_ex There are several David Maldonados – one in Trumbo, one in the films of Francesca de Sola (Michelle Rodriguez’s ex), produced J-Lo’s El Cantante, and other with the same name worked on Titanic, Baldur’s Gate, Red Bull, Scott Eastwood’s Diablo, on Spanish TV, Twilight star Amadou Ly and Albert Soratorio’s Justice Turner with Charles Kinder of Screen Media’s Rising Stars and Andrew Cristi’s Peter Pandrew with TMNT’s Sini Hill/Kangasmaki who knows my friend Anna Biller’s friend Howard Lockser). Another David Maldonado worked on David Scott Burns’ Guardians with Angela Ware. Ware was in Nerdly.co.uk/Peter Herro’s WTF, Opus of an Angel with Cindy Pickett and Sofia Skya, Government Lies and For Whom He Tolls – with Deadpool’s Randall Reeder, Jeff Grettler, Gina Brazell, Lena Clark and a Wayne Knight – not the actor and Jessika Brodosi. Ware was also in Staying Together while Falling Apart with Marie Gibb (a friend of my friend John Cunningham) who was in my friend Dawna Lee Heising’s favourite webseries Just Life, the work of my Horrorthon friend CHris O’Neill’s friend Christie Conochalla and Only Now Existing plus Jake Busey/Robin Mountjoy’s Guitars and Guns and Jill Soloway’s Afternoon Delight. OPus of an Angel is not Orange is the new BLack star Asia Kate Dillon’s webseries Opus for All. There are two Sarah Greenes – an Irish actress of the same name as the ex-Blue Peter presenter. Shakin’ Stevens changed his name from Michael Barratt to avoid confusion with the Nationwide host. A Kevin Cheetham appeared in the Thread -a bostonglobe-reviewed doc, and another worked on Constantine and Huffpost’s Chenelle Covin’s Dirty Laundry – the sitcom and another worked on shorts Victor Soldano’s Carved and Let Go (by my friend John Ninnis’ pal Lindsay Lucas Bartlett’s friend Bryan Rainstein)and Mike Fink/Capkanis’ Parlarva with Joy’s Bates Wilder. There’s a Washington based head of the Libre Initative (not the UK short by a Kat Moon but a HUffington post recognised company) called Brian Faughnan not the Quebecois maker of Oneira films and the Shadow Riders/Strawberries and wine/the wedding murders” Kat MOon shares her name with an Eastenders character, a WB reality tv star and worked on a film with Lambert Wilson and Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz, but is not the actress of the same name in Christiancinema.com’s Barbara Sundstrom’s Xtan films eg ON the Edge/In the Mirror Dimly (not the short by Spider-man FX man Zubair Lawrence and Marilyn Chen) and the short Write Your Way Out with Dreadcentral’s Jennifer Laporte and THree LIttle pucks/Evolution” Evan KIng, aka DJ Freakjuice THe Lambert Wilson short is recommended to those who liked Uncanny Valley by Federico “Shave it!” Heller (a friend of Carlos Bobadilla who knows my friend Danny Bilson)http://www.imdb.com/find?q=uncanny%20valley Dirty Laundry is not the sitcom upcoming webseries by Rebecca Ramon – who iis either the Natgeo documentarian or the one who worked on Within Jealousy – a short with Lisa Anne Nicolai (who was in a film with Spiders’ Corey Klemow and Deadwood’s De’Ann Power) and NYPD Blue’s Bill Tigue, my friend Tammi Sutton’s Mexican horror filmmaker pal Carlos Gonzalez (of the Line with Static Shock cartoon voice Art Bonilla and Silicon Valley’s Diana Chemansky, Aldo Cecena, Emmy-winner Kent Bassett and Mariah Montgomery) and LIsa Francesca Gallo – who knows my friend David J Schow’s friend Michael Cristian and worked on Kristianna Loken’s Dark Power, Screen Media/EJ Bonilla’s Marmitas and Will Prescott/Dreadcentral’s Feeding Mr Baldwin. Ramon also worked on shorts such as Heavenly Father – a short by Adrian Lim (Eli Vs the Rope) with Stan Lee associate R Andru – producer of Tallulah Riley’s Submerged, plus Ramon’s other films include Twisting Fate with anime voice Melodee Spevack, Suppressant with 28 Days Later Analysis.com’s Andrea Boccellatti by my friend Chad Michael Ward’s friends Brad Vassar/Derek Woods, Jim Wynorski’s friend Erick M Crespo’s film Footprints on Sand, Playing Underground by GTA’s Toy Connor, the Revengers by my friend David R Strong’s friend Ayumu Oda, and Switching Sides with Ronn Jerard (producer of Juliet Stevenson Mother Teresa biopic the Letters), wearemoviegeeks’ Laquite Cleare and the Wire’s Jeffrey Lorenzo, Glenn Hoeffler (the Diamanda Hagan-lauded webcam horror Collingswood Story, the Crusaders, the sins of PLuto Patterson, the Silence, etc) There’s at least two Mary Berrys, according to imdb. http://www.imdb.com/find?q=john+disanti http://www.imdb.com/find?q=joe+disanti General Hospital’s Joe DiSanti, the George Raft Story’s Joe Disantis, Canadian actor John Desantis, John Desanti of King Frat and Joe Desanti of Life After Ex – directed by my friend Alex Ferrari’s friend Jim Fields withStephanie ELrod (of AJ Oetman’s the Wolf and the Robe) NIght Gallery’s Daniel Selby (also inhttp://www.searchmytrash.com/movies/…82014%29.shtml with Zack Williams and Adam Meirick), Zcvhariah Barrientos who appeared in Free Ride with Dawson’s Creek’s Meredith Monroe. AJ Oetman knows my friend Daniel Kremer’s friend Mark and Sam “Flash Gordon” Jones’ friend Les Raub. Dean S Jagger of Game of Thrones and the films of Amy Lawhorn and Dean Jagger. THere are two Paul Guilfoyles. Two Aldo Berits – one German, one ITalian – in Krautsploitation Bittersweet Revenge – not any of the 2011 shorts one by my friend Chris Nortarile’s pals Keegan Darr and Donny Callahan and the other by Ozcar Chagolla – with “often typecast-asCSI tech” actress Noel Kathleen of http://www.searchmytrash.com/movies/…82014%29.shtml God – spellcheck failed -Aldo Berti not Berit. An Ann Meredith worked with RIchard Linklater, and there’s the Andy Warhol-like Ann P Meredith on the doc Triangles/Actors Entertainment/Special – has a split imdb, or maybe there are three Ann Merediths/Ann P Merediths who work together. Three short films called Forest Run – the German short Run into the Forest, Run plus the UK short Run Through the Forest Run with Zoe Adams and Dakota Bullard’s 2 minute slasher Forest Run https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SVGSTM0D5E with Luke Burmeister in his only role, Derek Miller (who composed for Kirsten Dunst’s Bachelorette and the Canadian shorts of C Hudson Hwang/Elmer Olsen Model Management eg Untitled1 starring models.com favourite Taras Koltun) and Christian Lane who may or may not be Alanis Morrisette/Lindsay Lohan associate Christian Lane – star of the AIP’s the Satan Killer. There’s a silent called “the forest runners”. Lost in Space’s Child actor Maxwell Jenkins and Mysteries of Laura’s Max Jenkins. My final post of the day here – in an attempt not to look like a spammer (damn hour-long editing time) DJ Williams – one of several in Scrooge 1935, another in Movie-man Ass and Cat Fobi’s Waking up with Monsters with Sam Lloyd from Galaxy Quest http://www.imdb.com/find?q=D.J.%20WI…e&ref_=fn_nm_e A JOhn J Fox wrote an Olympics documentary – Who’s on First, and shares his name with an actor who appears in several early John Carpenter films. My friend David Lawson knows Ariel Vida/Beth Berens. I thought there wasa 30s starlet called Bet Berens. Seems I was thinking of one of my friends, Michael Fredianelli’s starlets in his homages – Beth BEMIS! One of the funniest Imdb goofs is that it credits porn star Hunter Young as writing an amatuer short, Citizen’s Arrest by Alex Rouleau, with a Karl Johnson (not the Rainbow/Hot Fuzz one), Annie Jednak, Brian Le, and a Matt Erickson, not the Canadian voice actor and Brian Le – not the star of Al Leong’s Awesome Asian Bad Guys, Bad Ass Bikers with Over the Hedges Jesica Deicco, Micah Brock’s Slug Street Scrappers with my friend Bill Field’s contact Tess Kielhamer and Stephen Reedy’s the Man from Death with MTV star Anna Lore. Annie Jednak knows Kota Jay who knows my friend Julian lowenthal Sam Baden also shares his name with the director of Getting In, a webseries with Natan Davids and HBO Vinyl’s Ella Steinbeck. There’s a Matthew Kelly who was in a documentary called Decision, not the Uk short Joint Decision or the short Decision Point with Keely K Moore, Marilyn Moore and Knightfall/Dream Country/Road to Ramadai’s Timothy Schubert who was in Finding Sky by my friend Mike Kayton’s pal Emily Sandifer. Dream Country is by Robert Rollins, my friend Collin Neal’s pal Scotty Dickett and Dominguez. Unfortunately, I can’t reedit the above post but the Matthew Kelly seems to be a religious documentarian – as his conspirators include CBN producer Thomas W Clynes and Selena Hunter, documentarian Hans Dammerkoehler, and South African Dove foundation man David Kiern of the short Abby and the Explorer. There are several Richard Todds – my friend Keith Lopez knows Canadian actor Richard William Todd and Come Dine with Me featured a Richard Todd. Wendy Lawrence was told by Equity that there was already another Wendy Lawrence, so she changed her name to Josie Lawrence. She still has never met that Wendy Lawrence. There is Ray Charles the singer and ‘the other’ Ray Charles who did music for the last two seasons of The Muppet Show and the Ray Charles Singers. It seems the Japanese film Winter Butterfly is really produced by Stephen Daldry and stars Nerdly’s Toshino Onizawa (Hungry Hearts, Other Madnesses) A different Austin Park each worked on RIbbon of Dreams with Dennis Dun, Graham Parkes’ First Showing-reviewed Are You There – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5496032/…texrv_ql_rel_1 and the short Visibly Impaired. Visibily Impaired featured such copshow-sounding names like Belfast-based John Paul Gutman (behind shorts DOing well in Ethiopia, Now you see it, Ted a Ted and Senioritis – which may share their names with other films http://www.imdb.com/find?q=senioriti…&ref_=fn_nm_ex), Michael Karsh, Jake Lasker (who works for Comedy Central and knows my friend Drew McWeeny), Max Druz (the fall, bad habits) and Adam Hunter Howard (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4278511/) of Speak NO Evil, A Chance Unexpected, the Talent Show and the video game Last Life with NCIS’ Julia Cho. Several RObert Hensons – including ROb Henson – who worked on Criminal Minds and shares his name with a guy who worked on Midsummer Nightmare with Fangoria associate Joshua Siegel and 80s Hong Kong filmmaker Robbie Henson http://www.imdb.com/find?q=robert%20henson Several Daniel Fishmans, one in Israeli movies, another in Vista Street’s Narcotic Justice, one in college webseries OFF Campus with Jamie Kerezsi and Clint Howard associate Chris Ready, another in Wild Prairie Rose with FB Eye’s Deanne BRAY and Tara Samuel, Troy Kotsur, , Trystan Olbertson and Cliff Schulz, and another in a John Krasinski doc, Jay Mohr’s Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and another on CNN’S Ty Jones and Scott Bethel’s collaborative Rosie the Riveter documentary. A Dan Fishman also worked on and Bar Mitzvah Season by Reed Adler with Bryan Dechart (Jane by Design) and mallen-streaked Law and Order star Kenny Sosnowski (not the associate of Friday the 13th fanfilm starlet/CSI/Hank Danger mummy movie star Jessica “a-guns” Rogers – a friend of my friend Jason Roth’s pal Joshua Courtade) and If I Give My Soul, a doc in Brazil with Ryan Patch – afriend of Variety’s Brian Depasquale. Ty Jones is not the hockey player and has made the children on swings romance the Promise, Last Breath and hand-on-mouth film Evidence of Harm http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1726852/ Star Wars featured a Dan Frishman and there’s a Danielle Frishman in Canada’s Dollar Cinema and Jessica Congdon/Caroline Heldman/Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s Variety Doc the Mask you Live in. Bone Tomahawk’s Zak Kristofek (he knows my friend Jackson Stewart) who worked with Brad Kimball and Vince De George on the Dream Interpreter. A Tommy Blankenship has sung on BBC, been in Elizabethtown, Playboy, Maxim magazine, and ilegal/for sam – the shorts of Tribeca film festival’s Andrew Oh, etc. There’s the American playwright Peter Sellars. An Diana Davey was in Carry On Behind and in Reflections in the Mud with Napoleon Dynamite’s Emily Dunn, Jodi Russell, Nyk Fry and Marc Raymond not to be confused with similarly named doc by my friend Alexia Anastasio’s friend Nick Carrao or the Irish short Reflections of the Emerald Isle, or Reflections in Time by my friend Collin Joseph Neal’s friend Scott Capestany, or Reflections in the NOWHERE Moon by Aaron Smith (Avengers Assemble), Sarah Storer and Jason Gardner. Jason Gardner is not the Dancing on Ice judge but someone who worked on Jacob Norlin’s short Beyond the Pleasure Principle, with Gaynelle Sloman (who is in the same FB group as me) who produced Susan Blakely’s Hungry Hearts, Margot Kidder’s Death4told, Village Voice reviewed Bollywood movie Greencard Fever and Fyvush Finkel’s the Other men in Black and the Street where we live by Kevin McCLatchy (the General Hospital actor not the ESPN football magnate), John Whitney and Dino Tripodis, star of Linnea Quigley’s Blood Church, John Saxon’s Criminal Minds and shorts Minus One and the Funny Man. Wind on Broken Strings is a short by Levi Isaacs. Isaacs knows my friend George Bettinger’s pal Bunee Tomlinson. Isaacs is behind the Hairy Scary Investigation,More than Myth, Dr. Dufour’s Secret Tunnel and PLAY WITH ME with Travis Destein, Jordan Markezich (Streets of Hope), Don Dees and Sarah Eve Gazitt (who was in And Apart, Half Life, the Gamers films, beloved by my friend Diamanda Hagan – and knows Collins Joseph Neal’s friend Megan Griffiths). Debbie Markezich, Jordan’s relative also knows Collin Joseph Neal. DOn Dees was in Half Empty, Simple Creature and Koinonia – all films by Andrew Finnigan who made films with Aussie actor/Sundance favourite Paul Eenhoorn (Eyes in the Dark, Sky Movie’s Max Rules, Home and Away, Rogue Saints) Three Terry GIllespies on imdb, one a country singer in Canada, the others may be the same guy – appeared in Condo Cops with Mike Perez, Dreadcentral’s John Archer Lundgren and Devious Maids’ Tanya Christensen, and German film Tuvalu, Matthew Barney/Richard Sierra’s BBC lauded Cremaster 3, and a film with US comic Jim Norton – not Bishop Brennan or James Norton either. There’s two Wade Williams, one a ripoff merchant B_movie maverick, the other worked with Tanya Christiansen and Kibwe Dorsey who knows my friend George Anton One Audrey Davis worked for Ann Jillian, another worked on short Lunch with a Dohmnall Gleeson lookalike called Jerry-Mac and Elaine Jenkins of Charles Band’s PMS Cop. There’s two Robert Biermanns. one the director of Vampire’s Kiss, the other worked on jevocas green’s x-men. Subrosa studios’ Tim Kelso, Star Wars’ Tom Kelso, etc.An Andre Stojka has appeared each in a Batman cartoon, a short the Tough Ones with Bunheads TV star Casey Adler, TV pilot Two close with Masters of Sex’s Cameron”Phantom Faye/nightlark/Zombie love story” Kelly, Sydney Hawes and Cameron Woehlschlager, and the short Beast of Backlciff Bay with Michael Gall, Jake Houlihan, Sammie Kohkala, Reese Charles and Khash Hassenpour, who knows my friend George Anton’s friend Lori Carson and worked on American flag-faced black man Repairations. http://www.imdb.com/find?q=john%20da…&ref_=fn_nm_ex John Daly – the BBC NI host, the Fox Sports host, the What’s my Line host, the Fly actor, the Hemdale guy, the Canal Plus Lila Says cinematgorapher, plus various John Dahls, John Dalls, John Davidson and John David Washington – son of Denzel. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls076622175?ref_=tt_rls_1 Raised on Media – the film with the speccy Gosling-y bloke Dustin Seabolt who may have a namesake as he has a namesake with an empty imdb listing knows Troma’s Chris Leto. A JUSTIN SEABORN worked on an Army of Darkness videogame. There’s several films called Green Eyes, eg the French film of that name that Searchmytrash reviewed or the other 2005 film of that name. Very Small Rooms,a film has featured Amy Rose Capetta (who knows my friend Lew Ojeda’s friends Benjamin Wingert and Roger McCubbins and whom my Facebook confuses with Raindance winner Amy Danneker), an Elizabeth J AND Nicholas J Carroll, Julie JC Blau and Ouija’s Jake Lucas – star of the Variety-reviewed Who Killed Chandra Levy with Bruce David Klein, Sarah Helen Baskin, Joe Leon and Carlene Moore There’s also a martial artist David Bradley. Frank Cinatra was played by one time Irish Eurovision heats runner-up Joe Cuddy, a well-known cabaret entertainer here. this is weird – a short animation student film called Subcreator, which is the only work of Andrea Schumann and Dewyne Silverbridge and Jon Sawa (split-imdb star of Muscle Shoals – not the PBS movie and Space Warriors and Iphone vs Android) who knows my friend Jay Burleson – and World of Warcrat’s Kyle Harrison and Tommy Hodge (the shorts Deadline for Justice, Black Heart). Hodge knows Amber Jones who knows my friend Nathan Wilbers. I LOve ou Philip Morris’ Marilouise Burke and Devere Jehl, who is also in American Made/the Fall Before Paradise/Sister Island (not the short with David Moreno Belmonte and my friend Imelda O’Reilly’s friend Abhilash “the Harvester” Chandra)…. The Fall Before Paradise is not the similarly named short/films made in Israel, the UAB, Canada (including one with a Salvatore Antonio), NIck Searcy, Art Hindle, and Paul Schrader cinematographer John Defazio ()not the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse decorator) One Fall features the stereotypically irish Seamus MUlcahy, Dominic Femusa, Mark Margolis, Mark lamura and Phyllis Somerville. A David Bolduc has written the announced-only Adirondack which may be never made – he knows Deece Eckstein, who knows a friend of Larry Karaszewski, Cassandra THibdoeaux IMDB mislabels Sorry!’s William Moore as a gang leader in 1997’s Enemy. Despite IMDb’s statements, I doubt the same Ruth Rickman in Doctors is the one in Fangoria film Dead on Site and Knowing what You Don’t with Salem’s Clint James and the only other film of the late Mark Gregg (his other credit the Pacific and Eddy with Dominique “Lolita” Swain and James “Frank the Bunny Duval”) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0376331/ Andy Henderson of the Vanishing Man is not the same one in the Colonial Williamsburgsploitation* Sergeant Cheerleader. *Apart from the likes of various PBS shows and Howards of Virginia with Cary Grant, there has been a little cottage industry of making historical educational epics in Williamsburg, Virginia. I’m not sure if the director of Sergeant Cheerleader’s other film the Outsider (from the producers of Showgirls 2) stars the same Larry Holden who is in Batman Begins, but I think it is the same one. There also seems to be some missing cast on Dad’s War, made by the same people as The Outsider – as the only actor listed is Criminal Minds/24’s Constance Ejuma, plus a PA as an extra, and the director Martin Fusi is credited twice as two people. ONe thing I try to avoid Imdb for is the nastiness. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0723181/b…9?ref_=nm_bd_1 Eg this dissection of Jack Zullo (Epic Rap Battles of History, Screen Media’s Cowboys and indians, Ice T’s Tracks) a facebook friend of my facebook friend Eric Kochmer, director of the truly bizarre Way Down in Chinatown – http://horrornews.net/74520/film-rev…hinatown-2013/ I don’t use the IMdb forums, because they feel distant, they feel too big. I don’t think the same Patrick Coyle of MInnesota who has been in films with Kristen Chenoweth is the same in this Irish film by Brendan Muldowney(http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0307376/…nm_flmg_act_11) but he did appear in Breaking Bob with Michael Levin (How to Kill a Mockingbird) who is another Irish horror, the Minnesota-shot I Am Not A Serial KIller. A weird little coincidence I noted. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0280778/fullcredits/ tried submitting before, but one Dteflon is still credited on iMDB as producing Iris. Surely, this is incorrect. Reminds me of this wiki entry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manos_Krystalis Krystalis’ partner, Rich Rossi is a friend of a FB friend, Chris Notarile. Am I the only one to think that lists like this objectify actresses – http://www.imdb.com/lists/nm2162221?ref_=nm_rls_sm. and actors too http://www.imdb.com/list/ls006241626?ref_=nm_rls_2 http://www.imdb.com/list/ls076446624?ref_=nm_rls_1 This one seems to think character actors only play tramps. http://www.imdb.com/list/ls009058306?ref_=nm_rls_2 I doubt the Bob listed in Indieflix’s Last Chance is the same one in the Aussie comedy series Review. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3244192/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t5 Oh sorry. I don’t seem to be able to readdress a film as pornography – as this film clearly is – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2217598/?ref_=fn_ft_tt_3. This Amazon comedy pilot – Deadball (not the one with Lords of Salem’s Diana Hart and Dylan Kamm of Sybil Danning’s Virus X)lists the director, William Cleere twice, one in a standalone entry, the other with his extra work with Deniro, Danson and Oldman. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4531902/ Cleere is the only one to do anything else apart from the pilot. IMDB misfiles reviews for the Korean film A Tale of Two sisters with the short of the same name with Homeland’s Morocco Omari, Kathryn Taylor (Mad Men, Danny Trejo’s Curse of El Charro, A Good Day to be Black and Sexy – http://variety.com/2008/film/markets…xy-1200547743/) and singer Tracie Spencer, It also doesn’t realise that the film’s costume designer Dena Burton and former Disney starlet Dena Burton are the same. It does seem Scottish eccentric genius John “Tutti Frutti” Byrne’s Slab Boys did star Polli Magaro of Paradise Alley and Easy Money though. SOme IMDb pages have no entries – ie this woman who just seems to use it to showcase a photo of her disabled son. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8142267/?ref_=fn_al_nm_4 The thing about IMDb it brings attention to the most obscure and leads you on wild goose chases, scouring for information. While researching Kartoon Circus, a syndicated TV series, I saw that its host, a magician was in Hidden in the heart of Texas, a film with one Rick Basa whose other credits are Jim Belushi Tv series Defenders, Dustin Hoffman series Luck and Rice Cracker with some actress from Steve Carell’s Burt Wonderstone film and Larry Laverty of the overrated Lionsgate horror the Hamiltons and his frequent costar Talsky. I checked the other stars of Hidden in the Heart of Texas. One, Michael Laurin featured in the likes of Zero Dark Dirty with Corey Feldman and now produces movies in the Philippines for the likes of Anthem Pictures. Another, Kim Jackson Wheeler starred in Spirit Riders with Lance Henriksen, and appeared in a film called Stay at Home Dads with one Mark T Lee – his only other film being the Strange Adventures of Triangle Woman by notorious ex-Troma hacks Singa/Echelon Entertainment, starring Andrew Sensenig – of the Marvel TV show Powers. The other Stay at Home Dad in the film, John Charles Dickson apparently is in the Loo Brealey UK horror Containment (definitely an error) and Clayton and Claudia, an amateur film with Robert Rodriguez regular Mariah Rae Vincent. John Charles Dickson is behind Survival TV – a new movie which thanks Bear Grylls and John Gielgud in the credits, feature Discovery channel survivalist EJ Snyder as himself and Ant Man’s Robert Crayton. I realise I also share a FB friend with Dickson in Trancers 1.5’s Velvet Rhodes. Stay At Home Dads also featured scream queen Jessica Willis (http://horrornews.net/94204/film-rev…-resurrection/), Theresa Bell of Yahoo Serious’ Reckless Kelly and VI Warshawski; and James Burleson, of the Brain Damage films cheapo horror the Sisters Four, the Red Room with Chris Phipps – JFK in Stephen King’s 11-22-63 and ZOmbie Christ with Ernest James of Everybody Wants Some – the new Linklater film. Michael Laurin has produced films with Transformers’ Carlos Moreno, Charmed’s Mykel Jenkins, Leif Holt of 4Digital Media’s Lizzie and Rich Lee. Rich Lee is in Bloodsucka Jones with Ghostbusters’ Jennifer Runyon (http://www.horrorsociety.com/2016/05…-gets-trailer/) and the Danny Trejo film Enter the Fist with the Golden Fleecing, and KIn with Nell Teare. Teare was in a short, Eve and Steve with John Griffin of the insane Paul Bettany film Priest, and in Restraint with Twin Peaks’ Dana Ashbrook. Another IMDB error I noticed – Dallas’ Robert Johnson (also in Hidden in the Heart of Texas, films with Karate Kid’s William Zabka, Sean Astin, Bruce Dern, Bill Paxton and Josh Duhamel) is mentioned in the news page when it should mention the late singer, also from Dallas. It should redirect you to a page about the singer not the actor. So you go from cartoon hosts to Bear Grylls in several fell swoops I have, and what happened several times with entries is that they take thre wrong info, so the Aussie Brian McDermott has credits that belong to the UK actor and vice versa, when I was trying to fix it. I was trying to move four titles, and they moved seven and left one I told them to move. Hey, I realised Robert J Johnson is not only in Dallas but in Hidden in the Heart of Texas (the proper title, not Home in the Heart of Texas, that was my error) Nell Teare was in the godawful Oirish horror Ciaran the Demon Hunter, which shares several actors with Kane Hodder-starring St Patrick’s Day slasher Muck. Last of the Mobile Hotshots is weddingdressploitation as its finest. Other examples – There are several shorts called Wedding Dress, one by Hanelle Bay productions with Eureka’s Tembi Locke, another by Kathryn Ruopp (producer of a Chateau Sauvignon doc, Barry Dingle with Veronica Cartwright and Adam “Mystic Pizza/the Stand” Storke’s Broadway’s Finest) and Norma Lana with Mandy Fabian – wife of the Last Exorcism’s Patrick Fabian, and another French Canadian. Theres also the Pink Dress featruing History Channel’s Countess Dracula – Christa “Bracero Brothers” Bella, a friend of my friend Aaron Lane. There’s several horror movies called the Cabin. http://www.imdb.com/search/title?title=cabin http://www.imdb.com/search/title?title=see run http://www.imdb.com/search/title?title=ockham‘s+razor my friend MARK Barresi’s friend Hollywood Reporter’s/Does A tIGER wEAR a nECKTIE DIRECTOR Anthony Caldarella made a film called ockham’s razor. http://www.imdb.com/search/title?title=occam‘s+razor Nazi Vengeance was actually shot in Ireland, in Wexford. Minnesota Nice is the name of a William H Macy doc, a short by my friend Doug Phillips’ friend Josh Braun and a webseries by Sports Illustrated’s Valerie Carpender and Brock Dombrowski (of Fangoria’s Ryan Kiser’s Potporrui, judge-scales drama Trust Me and American Rescue Squad and Retrograde with Sunset Beach’s Vanessa Dorman and the Sopranos’ Jay Alan Christianson). Minnesota Nice is also the title of an upcoming film with Dune’s Daniela Amavia and a 2012 short with Tom Clancy’s the Division’s Amanda Day (star of a film with a blank-faced lady poster) and my friend Eric Vollweiler’s friend John Edel. Translating Minnesota Nice is the name of a film with Justin White and Samuel T Weston of Jedi Coworker/Oracle and Corey Lehman who composed my friend Jay Kay’s friend Brandon Cole’s films the Dark Room and his gunbarrel-postered western short What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Wonder with Ava Justin and Madelinekarita Fleming. Brandon Cole knows Weston too. Dombrovski was in People Talk with my friend Jessica Cameron’s star Brandon van Vliet. there’s a Marvel fan film – White Tiger Legend is by Walking Dead videogame voice Erik Bra and Avatar fx guy Kory Juul. THere’s a film called GRandma’s Blessings with a Cameron Lentshiver and Doug Sebastian and Cirque DU Freak’s Drew Rin Varick – which doubles Georgia as all sort of places. There’s the American model Jessica White, who shares her name with several people – one worked on Spectre, on Dove’s Season of Miracles, Co. Durham-shot Such is Life, BBC’s Click, Death Suspects A murder with Lavalantula’s Michelle Weaver, Robby devillez, Jean Marlis and Karl Andrew, Georgia State TV’s Sophomores with Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks’ Katie Adkins and the short Fireflies with Jenna McDonald – of It Didn’t Take, June and 28DaysLaterAnalysis’ Tonight she Comes. http://www.imdb.com/find?q=jessica%20white&s=nm&exact=true&ref_=fn_nm_ex A Jessica Whyte was in Canadian shorts Hole, the Last Halloween, the Conversation, etc (http://www.ukhorrorscene.com/the-last-halloween-2014-short-film-review/). A Jessica white also in Canadian doc Moving On, TV’s 60 mINUTES, CBS’ Survivors’ Club, documentary Bill Cunningham New York, Dave Orvis’ the Silo with Jean Plumhoff of Rudy with Sean Astin, Lonedog Productions’ Rest Stop with Lucas Dean Peterson (star of Manifesto and Hamilton and Darcy with 2 and a Half Men’s Tara Perry), a short about David Lynch by his daughter, and Graeme Hawkins and Christopher Ordaz’s 5/Danuta/through the window and Ordaz’s followup Two Hundred Thousand Dirty (http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-two-hundred-thousand-dirty-review-20150102-story.html – assisted by Ordaz’s friend Timothy L. “At the Surface” Anderson). A Jessica White was also in Happiness is a Luxury with Tara Whitney Rison (Viewfinder)- who knows my friend Keith Lopez’s friend Maxann Harvey. Boricua’s Bond’s Frankie Neegron, Ramses Ignacio and Val Lik – also behind Texas Hold’Em. http://variety.com/2000/film/reviews…nd-1200462709/ Fantastic Four’s Ben Vandermey http://variety.com/2000/film/reviews…nd-1200462709/ Two films called Red Corvette, one by Jose “Lindsay Shonteff’s last star” Rosete/Brian Stewart, the other by Frank Lisi and starring Creed’s Brian Anthony Wilson – both rec. to fans of Screen Media’s Screwed. Lisi worked on Sleeping with the Fishes, Sicilian Tale, Rescue ME, short Because of You and webseries Finders Keepers. The Russian adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Pocketful of Rye is called the Blackbirds’ Secrets – tayna chernykh drozdov

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