Hagan Reviews Season 06 Episode 01 Vijayendra Varma (Power of an Indian)

Hagan opens season 6 by looking at an infamously over the top Indian movie.

If Vijayendra Varma review is blocked then try here!


  1. …That was the most fun I’ve had in ages. Where to even… the eternal flashback, the musical dubbing, who wrote the lyrics to India Fuck Yeah! you or the Vaults of Extoth? And Is Tusk on your review list? This is the second time you’ve mentioned it.

    On a sadder note SPOILER: I can only assume you wrote this script before the end of season five. So much for Stannis.

    • I wrote the lyrics for India Fuck Yeah, Tusks not on my list right now but I migth stick it on eventually and the Stannis line was actually an adlib (as was the House Boulton bit) so Hagan still loves Stannis 🙂

      • Even after burning his daughter and being decapitated by Brienne? Oh what am I saying, I’m about the only person in the world who wants Cersei to make it to the end, root for who you like! 🙂
        And you should write more lyrics.

  2. Ah, a tamil film. (Seriously, that was my first thought.)
    Another interesting film is Singham, which despite its topic might have one of the most over the top action scenes (eclipsed only by the real indian “Robocop”-copy ‘Endhiran’):

  3. Aah,what a magnificent start to the half-dozenth season.
    I was fortunately able to download the thing just before my internet cut out for two days, and I don’t hesitate to admit that I watched the review at least three times during that time. (And even now, I’m getting sucked in all over again) This is the only review in the world, I believe, to have two incarnations of Jerrica Benton. And that definitely counts for something. But not quite for as much as what followed, as the review never even got close to dragging for its full runtime. And of course, “India Fuck Yeah” was a brilliant exclamation mark on it all. What a great fucking start to this season.

  4. Great review, and a great movie to start season 6! Now I want to watch this movie. However, I thought that we were going to see you review C Me Dance. I really, really, REALLY wanted to see you review a badly acted, hilariously written movie about a ballerina fighting the devil!

    By the way, this review does have some hair-raising questions, like:

    What is your beef against Dubai? Did Dubai kill your family?

    Does Jem really follow you and your website? Will she one day become an ally of Haganistan?

    How does the Haganistan flag look like? Will we ever see it?

    Why was Dalek Khan not mentioned in this review? Yeah, his plan was forced and convoluted in the end, but you still had Star Trek: Into Darkness referenced in this review, which is something that I know you hated more than a two-part story that I happen to love.

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