Panels- 10 Films you probably haven’t heard of (Brocon 2015)

Hagan talked about obscure films at Brocon 2015. The films discussed are: C Me Dance, Clash of Empires, Mercury Man, Mystics in Bali, Repligator, Six String Samurai, Versus, Wild Zero Zsazsa Zaturrnah and Cockhammer!*




  1. Will you be starting to use Youtube or some other media format prett soon since blip is going away?

  2. To be fair, the Maori (singular and plural, we white people are the Pakeha) didn’t make it to New Zealand en masse until the thirteenth century so at the time of the Romans they would still have been elsewhere in the Pacific. We’re not sure exactly where they came from so Malaysia is possible but unlikely.

    So looking forward to all future videos then! But I’m worried about how you’re going to continue when Blip goes.

  3. Yeah… I’m still embarassed that I dozed off while you spoke about Wild Zero. Maybe it’s your calming voice that allowed me to sleep… maybe it was just a lack of caffeine.

  4. Ah, Six String Samurai! I love this movie, I love the soundtrack and I love the strange mix of references it uses to make it’s setting. I really wish it’s gotten more recognition amongst people who review obscure movies on the internet, but oddly enough I don’t think I’ve ever seen a review of the thing.

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