Lesbian Talk ep 91- Where the Lesbians go to Die

Your favourite lesbians sit down with the infamous Internet urban legend Jimmy Screamerclaus; writer, director, animator, composer, voice actor, and mind behind the film Where the Dead Go To Die. What does he have to say for himself? A lot. What did Hagan get wrong? A lot. He’s watching you watch this and he loves you.

Backseat Critique- Nightwatch

A Patron requested I do a Backseat Critique of the Russian World of Darkness movie Nightwatch and SO IT HAPPENED! 🙂

Backseat Critique- Fantastic Four (2015)

Hagan and Omega saw the new Fantastic Four movie. Siiiiiigh. I only went because Philip Glass was involved:(

Backseat Critique: Evil Dead (2013)

Back when it was new, Omega and I went to see Evil Dead 4/ remake/ Evil Dead 2013

Backseat Critique- Birdemic 2

Back in 2013 Omega and I saw Birdemic 2 at Mondo Baltimore (be impressed it was a special advanced screening!)

Lets Try.. Some Yanks try N.Irish stuff*

We rounded up some Americans at ConBravo.

*and some Scottish, S.Irish and English stuff!

Final Destination Movie Marathon Part 5.

Hagan, Omega and 5 Final Destination movies. We recorded this one just after making it back from ConBravo.