Hagan reviews Season 06 episode 02 Slow Torture Puke Chamber

The final part of the Vomit Gore trilogy and my final HAGAN! REVIEWS! on Blip. Until I work out/announce where my stuff is going to be keep your eyes on this site and https://www.youtube.com/user/DiamandaHagan



  1. What a truly appropriate movie to end on.

  2. Yeah, this movie is relatively…. tame? dull? I’m not sure if that applies – after all, it may just be me who’s gotten used to it. But compared to the movies that came before it, I agree: This one’s the weakest of the Vomitorium…

  3. Oh man, having to re-upload al your content to Youtube must be a pain in the backside! How aggravating!

    This isn’t a movie I would watch on my own time, but I love it when you review things like this. I would have no idea they exist otherwise. And I assume you show all the best parts so it’s like I have watched it anyway, but the better version, starring Diamanda Hagan!

    • Oh yeah its annoying. Not close to finished yet (so much stuff to do!) Its why there might not be an ep this month! Even though the next one is recorded! (to cam anyway).

      Anyway, enjoy my suffering 😛

  4. whats that classical song that runs during the slapping-thing?

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