Backseat Critique: Evil Dead (2013)

Back when it was new, Omega and I went to see Evil Dead 4/ remake/ Evil Dead 2013



  1. My only problem with this movie that prevents me from liking this movie (not saying it was bad, by the way. It’s fine for what it is.) is the problem that you mentioned that it was really serious. Even though I am aware that this is a remake and that things are going to be different, but I just love the tone from the original much better. This just feels like it’s playing it too safe, where Diablo Cody (I hope that’s how you spell her name) kind of thought of either one of two things:

    1. She forgot what the original was like
    2. She didn’t think that she can replicate or do the same style that Sam Raimi has.

    I could be wrong in all of these cases. Either way, the effects were great, but the tone didn’t fit for me in Evil Dead. There was some things that I thought was good, and the ending was one of them. I can see that no one was planning for a sequel, and it ended just like that.

  2. you mean MidEvil with hero Sir Danial Fortiscue. They did two games, but the second wasn’t as good.

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