Backseat Critique- Nightwatch

A Patron requested I do a Backseat Critique of the Russian World of Darkness movie Nightwatch and SO IT HAPPENED! 🙂



  1. This movie sort of reminded me of “Brotherhood of the Wolf”. Both of them are these weird European pseudo-horror films that feel like someone made a salad out of like four different movies.

    And they both have climactic boss fights with bizarre sword reveals that aim for “badass awesome” but hit “WTF hilarious” instead.

    I’d love to see a vlog or something for BotW. I figure Hagan at least must have already seen it.

  2. They mixed up plots of 1st and 2nd novel in the film. The plot about killing the kid was originally about just some random woman in 2nd book prologue.
    And in book it established that gloom has several levels, the deeper it is the more power you need to enter and likewise the deeper level is, the more distorted world becomes – with three moons, alternative reality shenanigans, etc. And your appearance change too. Like, dark others tend to look like demons and light like saints with glow and stuff there but it actually depends more on your subconsciousness and shit.
    Like, instead of spinal sword the bad guy was actually in his gloom form of your classic big winged horned diablo with a big dick (no kidding).

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