Lesbian Talk ep 91- Where the Lesbians go to Die

Your favourite lesbians sit down with the infamous Internet urban legend Jimmy Screamerclaus; writer, director, animator, composer, voice actor, and mind behind the film Where the Dead Go To Die. What does he have to say for himself? A lot. What did Hagan get wrong? A lot. He’s watching you watch this and he loves you.



  1. I’m pleasantly surprised that Mr. Screamerclauz actually sounds decent. This is interesting. Pretty cool.
    (Also, Mr. Enter doesn’t only review kids stuff, although that is his main subject. The issue is, he’s used to more weaksauce shock-comedy ‘adult’ animation, and he looks at Tainted Milk and just sees it as the big brother of a genre that he essentially despises. At least, I think.)

  2. Oh! You folks should get Lucifer Valentine as a guest! That should be… interesting???

  3. As a victim of child sexual abuse, I actually respect this movie. Most of the time, when abused children are portrayed in film and TV, it’s never from their perspective. We’re always “just the victim”. Most focus is on the trial, attacker, or investigation. I like this film because it actually portrays us as actual fucking human beings!

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