Lesbian Talk Episode #92: At AlCon to See the King

Your lesbians ended up in Leicester, England to guest at AlCon 2015! Along the way we stopped by to see Richard III, discover the best pizza takeaway in the city (Grizzlers), and ended up in charge of panels. How’d it turn out? Also, our predictions/worries about the upcoming Season 9 of Doctor Who!


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  1. I really hate to sound like I hate everything that Steven Moffat had done in the show. His pre-season 6 episodes are great, and I love every single one of them. But when I saw The Impossible Astronaut, I felt sort of half-empty in the end. Asylum of the Daleks was bad, The Snowmen is universally panned, and rightfully so, Time of the Doctor was disappointing, Listen is THE prime example for me as the overrated Doctor Who episode and I use to think that was Moffat at his absolute worst. That was until I saw his greatest achievement of making one of the worst episodes in the series, which was Death in Heaven. It wasn’t bad enough that he made the Master into John Simms with a sex change, but then he continued to wow me by desecrating Leftbridge Stewart’s dignity by giving him a portrait that makes him look like he’s either taking a massive dump or passing out kidney stones, and then making him into the one thing that he hated and fought against. And yet people liked that. I even have to live in this world where this Master has a big fanbase. I don’t know how I’m still alive. Oh yeah, Peter Capaldi is awesome!

    As for your point on Moffat doing the same thing over and over again, that is one of the two biggest problems on why I want him out of the show. The other problem is that he seems to try WAY to hard to make his episodes look so big, so epic, and so better than everyone else writing the show. I hope that will die out soon, and have either Jamie Mathieson or Tom MacRae take over as the head script writer.Maybe two of them can take that position, or maybe they should fight to the death!

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