Lesbian Talk Episode #93: Schroedinger’s Time Lord

We’ve waited long enough! Season 9 of Doctor Who has begun and our reactions were so extreme that we needed an Australian to get us through the recording. Patron Mahan joins us for whining about Missy, exactly what Hagan thinks should happen with the show, what we loved, and what we expect. Also…I’m…I’m right for once?



  1. A whole episode dedicated to Doctor Who! I really loved the discussion! The new opening animation for Lesbian Talk looks amazing as well! Great episode! 🙂

    • I guess that one’s still fossilised, so the shell hasn’t got enough “Dalek DNA” to block the word. I’d love to know where that stupid ‘DNA causing armour to mis-translate’ idea leaves Dalek Caan and gang being able to say actual names… but I think Moffat’s got Lost-itis. He forgets things he’s already introduced.

  2. Oh boy i cant wait till hear what you have to say about Missy’s bombshell to Clara. I honestly dropped my beer when i heard that!

  3. Please, please put a bit of a gradient in the right/left audio mixing. I love listening to your podcast, but this is the second one in a row that was physically difficult to sit through because of the audio.

    It’s cool you’re going for a stereo thing with Omega being on one side and Hagan on the other, but it’s way too on/off. It needs a gradient where “left” or “right” is actually coming 60% one side and 30% the other (and some room tone would help too). Right now it just sounds like it’s a mono signal that’s flipping hard between the left and right speaker. Especially when you have a guest that ends up sharing a speaker with Hagan, you end up with long segments where the entire audio is coming out of only side, as if I’ve got a broken speaker.

  4. Maybe the Master has a far future incarnation who will bail him out of ANYTHING because otherwise they’ll cease to exist.

    -shrug- there are weirder theories.

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