Lesbian Talk Episode #94: Much Ado About Missy

This week Hagan regales us with her adventures in the post-apocalyptic wastelands of the Mad Max video game and just how she’s going to get some thunderpoon, I weigh in briefly on the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLCs, and we dive headlong into part 2 of the Doctor Who Season 9 opener, The Witch’s Familiar.



  1. Must say i was stunned you never never mention the spoiler about the master having a daughter. That one line could explode the whole dr who fan fiction right there. In a episode where the doctor gives the master his confession, where davros asks him why he left gallifrey and to have the master say he had a daughter couldve sawn the whole thing up. I never believed susan was his real granddaughter and this whole thing that the master had siblings could explain so godamn much. I wonder if you and omega could go into detail your feelings in the next lesbian talk?

  2. Williams is the new character. There’ll be book about her with description and she’s not a returning classic one.

  3. What? No loom rants in response to the Master saying she had/has a daughter? Anyway, tee hee. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one taking a sadistic delight in watching Clara suffer. Also I think at this point we can assume the Time Lords gave the Doctor an unlimited regeneration cycle which is why he had no qualms about touching those cables.

    I’d rank this one among the best Doctor/Davros stories like Davros and Terror Firma and by far the best episode the series has produced since Day of the Doctor. Also, Steven Moffat managed to write a character piece. The world is backwards.

    • Expect Loom rants if and when that daughter is introduced. Until then Im assuming The Master was lying/ joking/ being a twat.

      • Well that would be completely in character. Or maybe it was the Moffat lying/ joking/ being a twat.

  4. The Master was suppose to be the Rani, which is why Michelle Gomez looks a lot like her. He made the change because he couldn’t find that many people who either knew, wanted, remembered, or even cared to see her return. So, as long as Moffat is in command of the writing, you will never see the Rani come back.

    I thought this episode was good. I just hated the parts with both Clara and the Master. I don’t know if I can say any more about these. I feel as if I’m going to repeat myself if I talk about them both. As for getting in the Dalek, Ian got in, it was squeaky clean on the inside, and talked like a human being with a Dalek voice.

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