Backeat Critique- The Guyver

A Patron wanted The Guyver, a Patron got the Guyver!

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  1. IIRC in the comic (I haven’t read it since the 90’s, so I be any uber-fans’ forgiveness here), the deal with the Guyvers being a bit naff was because they’re just unfinished R&D alphas. Not even really “prototypes”.

    Way back in the prehistoric times, the aliens came to earth, found ancient humans (didn’t create or uplift them, just found ’em as-is), and thought “these guys might make good cannon fodder if we tart them up a bit”. Their first attempt was the Guyver armor, but they never got it to work entirely right, and one of their test subjects flipped out and wrecked a bunch of their shit, so they decided “maybe this armour was a dumb idea”, and switched to just turning humans directly into battle monsters (the zoanoids).

    So basically the Guyvers are the ED-209 to the zoanoids’ Robocop.

    When the aliens fucked off back where they came from, they left bits of their monster army behind. David Gale’s character is a “zoalord”: a command unit monster designed to telepathically direct zoanoid armies. Zoalords are monster nobby officers: they’re not built for fighting, but for leading from the rear while sipping tea and keeping their carapaces clean.

    David Gale’s character is an original zoalord who’s survived since caveman times, and has been waiting around for human science to advance to the point where he can hijack it to make a zoanoid army of his very own. His zoanoids are just as ED-209 as the Guyvers though, since he’s only reconstructing from the wee bits he knew about how the aliens did it.

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