Backseat Critique- Turbo Kid

I found a copy of Turbo Kid on DVD and fucking loved it.


  1. Born 1998. There’s still a lot to catch up on.

  2. I kinda disagree with Hagan about the DVD/Blu-Ray thing. I think it’ll be the opposite: people who want super-high quality will be the Blu-Ray audience, while streaming will be the average Joe option. This is sort-of already the case: DVD is mostly relegated to the dwindling number people who haven’t gotten around to buying a Blu-Ray player yet (as well as “older” movies that haven’t been transferred to Blu-Ray ’cause they’re too niche or don’t have a good archival source for mastering).

    The problem is the video compression. Steaming can be high-res, but needs to be more aggressively compressed. HD streaming doesn’t look as good as HD disc media can because of this. Eventually add 8K resolutions into the mix, and files without aggressive compression will become monstrous.

    That’ll change eventually, as internet tech advances, but by then there won’t be disc media anymore at all. As internet tech and infrastructure gets better, DVD will give way to streaming, while Blue-Ray will become a niche; the movie equivalent to CD and vinyl for audiophiles. The same internet advances that make this possible will also allow for high-quality film media as downloads rather than streaming, but the companies in charge also want to get away from download as it’s harder to control.

    So IMO what you’re most likely to see is disc media dying out altogether as internet infrastructure expands and streaming kills discs’ profitability, followed by a several year gap where true high quality is either unavailable, or only available as heavily DRMed downloads for indie films and a very small minority of studio films, followed by an upswing as true high-quality becomes more viable for streaming.

  3. Small nitpick:

    The aliens at the end of AI aren’t aliens: they’re robots. They’re supposed to be the “descendants” of robots that outlived mankind (generations of robots designing & building new versions of themselves as evolution of a sort).

    That doesn’t make the movie better, I know. It only makes that end bit just slightly less random. Like I say: just a random nitpick, not really important to anything.

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