Lesbian Talk #96: Totally Episode 97

We’re rebooting our franchise and making this episode 97! Or wait, was that 96? Anyway, we vent and praise our favorite and recent reboots, recasts, adaptations and re-imaginings (including Hagan’s dream casting for quite a few things) before sinking down into this week’s Doctor Who episode ‘Before the Flood’.



  1. The Master escaping from the Eye of Harmony, possessing bodies of human’s in Earth’s past and running a crime syndicate. Erm… Mistress? You just described Big Finish’s Mastermind, and all the Master’s hosts kept on degenerating back into Geoffrey Beavers (my personal favourite). Then he ended up in a UNIT prison and presumably after escaping the Time Lords gave him a new regeneration cycle and he turned into Alex Macqueen.

    I can’t help but wonder if you once got into a very drunken fan debate with Johnny Morris in a bar at some point because that is a creepily similar story.

  2. When I first heard that Ghostbusters was going to have an all female cast before it was declared to be a reboot, I thought of one way that it can work. Have Dana as the lead character of the Ghostbusters. Venkman, Stantz, Egon, and Winston are either dead or missing, and Dana is in charge of the Ghostbusters!

    As for Before the Flood, yeah, I’m with you on that episode. The monster design looks like what you get if you put a goth in charge to make the costume design. The intro was really making me wonder what was the point of that scene. That, and I was also trying to figure out what he was talking about, but it gave me a few re-watches to understand it. As for the Master, I would of prefer if the John Simms Master regenerated back into Derek Jacobi. Why not? The Master has able to regenerate however he wants.

    As for Peter Capaldi, I can safely say that he is now my favorite Doctor! And as much as I love how his performance was in the last season, I prefer that remains the way he is in this season. How often will you ever get to see the Doctor rock out in the TARDIS? I will always hold on to the beautiful image of him rocking out on a tank in an axe fight. That, and him telling the Daleks about where he got the cup of tea from and responds “I’m the Doctor. Deal with it!” Yeah, even I would say that if I was the Doctor. Man, I feel like a kid writing all of this.

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