Backseat Critique- Crimson Peak

Hagan and Omega spent their wedding anniversary seeing Crimson Peak!


  1. Tom Hiddlestone’s arse? Meh, been there done that. And it was accompanied by an equally naked Tilda Swinton.

    Anyway, I really want to see this but my local theatre’s not showing it (*folds arms and grumbles*)

  2. And now I’ve managed to see it. Both the music and the final scene were very reminiscent of The Shining although the colour palette was far richer (Del Toro films always seem to be as pretty as possible).

    Jessica Chastain… Jesus Christ! That might’ve been my favourite performance in a film this year, even if it was a trifle ridiculous early on (didn’t Edith smell a rat while having here face stroked with a dying butterfly and being told about how fragile beautiful things are?) but it makes sense since she was completely batshit. Looking forward to her upcoming role in a Xavier Dolan film.

    However I stand by Only Lovers Left Alive for best use of naked Tom Hiddlestone. Also I like Benedict Cumberbatch but I’m glad he didn’t get that role, Tom’s a far more convincing charmer.

  3. Oh neat! I just had my leather anniversary last month. I had no idea the dates were that close together.

    Happy Anniversary, you two!

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