Backseat Critique- Fat Pizza

A patron called A FLYING BRICK requested we watch Aussie ‘comedy’ Fat Pizza. Fun was not had.



  1. The Maori and Pacific Islanders are roughly the same ethnic group. I’m not sure how long they’ve been in the Pacific but I do know that the Maori weren’t fully established in New Zealand until the fourteenth century. By contrast, the Aboriginals have been in Australia for 50,000 years, so you’re right Hagan, they are completely different.

    • Yeah, the Maori are a subgroup of Polynesians (like native Hawaiians or Samoans or Tongans) which means, near as we can tell through genetic markers and language similarities, they’re ultimately the descendants of natives of what’s now Taiwan who migrated all across the pacific starting around (we think) 3000-1000 BCE

  2. I remember quite enjoying the show and the movie when I was younger, although the show did take a downturn in quality after the movie.
    I wonder if cultural differences played a part in the two of you not liking the movie as alot of the shows humour did come from exaggerated stereotypes, although it is just as likely that teenage me had a poor taste in comedies or maybe it has just aged really badly.

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