Hagan Soundtrack Album!

The first official Hagan soundtrack album has been released! And the digital download costs the lowlowlow price of 50 cents! (otherwise known as about 30p in real money or 0.00005 somethings in mighty Haganistan money!)

Look at that FUCKING COVER! (Done by the title card genius Haganista (http://haganista.deviantart.com/gallery/)

It features:

1, The Vaults of Extoth cover of Lecher Bitch (last heard in the Left Behind 3 review)
2, The Vikings (Literally) from the Vikingdom review with Happy Viking.
3, The death metal cover of The Greatest American Hero theme (AKA the Cinema Snob theme) from the Myra Breckinridge review.
4, The FolkBrain theme )Filmbrains theme done as a Gregorian chant) from the Merlin the Return review.
5, He’s Alive (Death metal cover of the Evangelical ‘classic’) as heard in the Megiddo (Omega Code 2) review.
6, Immortan Jack as Fury Road-ish end credits music that debuted in the Death Games review.
7, India, Fuck Yeah!, a take off of America fuck yeah, as heard in the Vijayendra Varma review.
8, The Winds of Haganistan (in D Minor), a keyboard instrumental outro (sometimes heard over the end credits).

BUY IT HERE—> https://vaultsofextoth.bandcamp.com/album/anthems-of-haganistan-vol-1

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