Lets Try- (Mostly) Dutch sodas

Hagan and Omega went to Amsterdam for a couple of days and bought some stuff to try!


  1. Well, you have at least one fan in the Netherlands. Amsterdam even.

    And yeah, Fernandez is definitely an acquired taste. It is indeed from Surinam (Since you asked where that was: It’s the country in-between Guyana and French Guinea, above Brazil)

    Also, you don’t have Bolognese crisps in the UK? I thought that was like, one of the universal flavors. It’s about as standard here as salted.

    For next time, try some Dutch licorice (drop). Inflicting it on foreigners is a national tradition.

    • Omega went home with some Licorice! (we’d been introduced to salted licorice at Alcon) and brought some back for my parents. I thought it was hilarious that Licorice Allsorts are a generic type of licorice and called English Licorice. We hope to make it back to Amsterdam some time, if we do it’d be cool to meet up with you :). Apart from anything else, I need someone to accompany me to the Amsterdam dungeon (Omega hates the Dungeons and I prefer to go to fun things with other people).

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