Renegade Cunt- Prometheus: Bonekickers the Motion Picture

Hagan details the striking parallels between Ridley Scotts Prometheus and The BBCs ‘hit’ show Bonekickers.



  1. I’m surprised you didn’t send a minion death squad after Noomi Rapace to avenge the memory of Caroline John. The REAL Liz Shaw would’ve told all the crew what idiots they are in a protracted ten minute scene consisting of nothing but insults and then concoct an anti-mutagen to get rid of all that fucking goo! And then the Doctor would arrive, see he wasn’t needed and take off with Liz to the Jovis pleasure moons leaving the moronic cunts all to starve to death!

  2. Smart. Ridley Scott will probably soon try to do a movie off the back of Bonekickers, as a way of futher trashing his own reputation. In other news, Diamanda, I’ve given you an online credit for help with Celestial Toyroom issue 453/4

  3. I love it when I get to hear from others who hate Prometheus as much as I do. It seriously baffled me why it was as popular and well liked as it was, it was like everyone got to magically see a much better movie while I was stuck watching a full motion piece of shit. At the time I remember thinking that it was like Creationists trying to do science fiction, so maybe that means that Bonekickers was like Creationists trying to do archaeology?

  4. Meh. Still sticking with Team Snob and say that I liked it.

  5. Thank you! Man, I may only have a four year degree, but these are the worst frigging archaeologists in the history of film. At least Indiana Jones had the decency to be charming while he destroyed astonishing and irreplaceable artifacts. 😛

    And seriously, why is Manwilde (no idea how to spell that) so bummed out when he doesn’t find living aliens? I mean, sure, it would have been cool to make first contact and all that, but meticulously digging though the stuff dead people left behind is what archaeologists live for!

    Also, Proto-Indo-European isn’t, like, the ur-language of all of humanity, so I don’t know why they thought it would make sense to these crazy progenitor aliens. And also, if the aliens left their stupid star map thing in Hawaii (one of the places the Magwildes mention in their slideshow of insanity) then they couldn’t have turned against humanity because we killed Jesus (which is some stupid shit Ridley Scott said), because no human beings lived in Hawaii until at least a couple hundred years after the Crucifixion.

    …sorry, this movie just really bugs me.

    • Those are some interesting observations. Do you have more?

  6. I sense… much anger in you.

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