Backseat Critique- Deadpool

Hagan and Omega saw Deadpool. After a 3 hour bus journey they sat down to talk about it.



  1. Now that Jem and the Holograms is out in your country when can we expect you to do an in character backseat critique of it. I have been looking foreword to it since the movie was announced. Also would you consider doing a full review of it sometime in the future.

    thank you

  2. An R16 (in New Zealand) superhero movie with a pansexual lead and constant insulting of all the studio’s mistakes… Jesus Christ this film is a miracle! This was easily the most enjoyable superhero flick I’ve seen in ages.

    Also, Omega’s rant about comics, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I’ve spent the past decade working on the Doctor Who Universe and there’s still a lot of Virgin (haha) territory I’m still unfamiliar with so the prospect of starting on multiple comic franchises is terrifying

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